Sanner BioProtect® is our holistic approach to environmental protection, the people and the careful use of natural resources.

This underpins our claim to use ecological behaviour in the way of manufacturing healthcare and medication packaging, whilst the contents are optimally protected against external influences, for the benefit of our customers.

Our Promise – Your Safety

We are constantly optimizing our manufacturing processes with regard to the use of energy-efficient machines and automation, as well as logistics and infrastructure. In 2017 we replaced a large number of our injection molding machines.

Furthermore, Sanner uses co-generation, which generates 50 percent of our own energy requirements from gas. We convert the waste heat into process cooling (cooling water) via absorbers in our own power plant. The latest technologies and materials have enabled considerable savings in the consumption of water and electricity, e.g. in the power requirement per machine hour. In addition, approximately half of the electricity obtained from external sources is green electricity from renewable resources.

The certification ISO 50001 proves that our energy management system successfully implements the goals set. In this way, we pursue increasing energy efficiency in innovation processes and plant technology and also pay extra attention to this, when purchasing energy-intensive products and/or services.

We continuously work on the reduction of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions on a sustainable basis. Despite increasing production volumes, we have reduced the CO2 balance per a 1000 parts by 43% since 2012.

We develop and produce bio-based effervescent tablet packaging with the aim of transferring this technology to other product segments. Bio-based plastics make a contribution to climate protection through demonstrably reducing CO2 emissions. Learn more about Sanner BioBase®.

Sanner accepts and fulfills its social responsibility. Protecting the environment also comes and goes with the protection of people.

We feel responsible for the people working for Sanner by giving them an economical perspective. Therefore we are looking for long –term employments and continuously invest in the development and further education of our employees. 

Furthermore we supply our employees with health-, lifestyle- and sporting offers.

We support the education and apprenticeship of future employees by offering a broad variety of internships in various departments for pupils and students. In this context we work closely with the “Hochschule Darmstadt/ University of DA”.