Effervescent Packaging

For over 60 years we have been making sure that bubbles are in the glass rather than in the package.

Not without reason Sanner is the pioneer in desiccant packaging. We know exactly what you need: excellent workability of your packaging on all filling lines, as well as short and flexible delivery times at fair market prices. This is why Sanner offers you a broad portfolio of tubes and closures for effervescent tablets – from the smallest FlipOff closures with short tubes through to seal diameters of approx. 36 mm. And not to forget the Sanner classics DASG and DOSG.

But we are not resting on our laurels: Sanner is continuously developing the product range, and is setting new standards again and again. Need an example? Take our senior-friendly FlipTop closures for a comfortable, single-handed opening, or our new system solutions for the complete packaging with our without decoration. Sanner system packaging offers two decisive advantages: an optimal moisture adsorption and protection of your effervescent tablets thanks to the ideal amount of silica gel or molecular sieve – no matter in which climate zone you are selling. The Sanner hard/soft principle, in turn, ensures an optimal connection of tubes and closures, resulting in excellent density. The new Brilliance® Tubes, manufactured with in-mold labelling (IML) technology offer more design possibilities combined with higher safety and flexibility – so that your products catch on with consumers and stand out at point of sale.

Sanner Atmo Guard System®

For a safe, timely and cost-effective market launch of your products.

The Sanner service you receive when buying a desiccant plastic packaging.

Sanner IDP Process®

Experience our holistic process for successful, customized packaging solutions.

Smart ideas. Efficient designs. Safe products.

90% of the interviewees are convinced. They would buy the effervescent tablets again because of the better and easier opening. A powerful argument for more customer loyalty!

Brilliance®Tube und FOG 27

Sanner Brilliance®Tubes: Effervescent Packaging with IML technology: more design, more information, more flexibility - simply more WOW!
Together with the FOG closure Sanner offers the best convenient packaging for effervescent tablets.

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