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Sanner achieves record sales in 2020 with almost 15 percent plus

Bensheim/Germany, June 15, 2021 – In 2020, Sanner was able to report record sales of approx. 98 million euros – an increase of almost 15 percent. Although this significant growth is partly due to the Corona-related demand, the manufacturer of medtech products and pharmaceutical packaging solutions anticipates steady growth in the coming years. This year, Sanner even expects to hit the 100-million-euro mark.

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Sanner is all set for growth: following an above-average sales success in 2020,  the forecasts for the coming years are also positive: "Especially our developments in the areas of intelligent medtech products and customized  solutions promise further revenue. In fact, we expect to easily hit the 100-million euro mark in 2021," says Managing Director Dr. Johannis Willem van Vliet. "By  expanding our sites in Germany and China, we are also creating further capacities for development and production. All in all, this gives us a very positive  outlook for the future."


Expansion despite of Covid-19 

The above-average increase in sales can mainly be attributed to the strong  demand in China, closely followed by Europe and the U.S. Due to the Corona  pandemic, Sanner classics such as the DASG 1 desiccant closure, which is used  worldwide for the packaging of vitamin C effervescent tablets, were in particular  demand – sometimes even to the extent of a 30 percent increase globally. "We  expect this demand to level off again in Europe and the U.S. as the pandemic  recedes," says Claudia Tonhäuser, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Sanner.  "However, we are confident that we will compensate for this drop in sales with  new products and concepts."

Despite the pandemic, Sanner has taken decisive steps toward the future at  several locations: for example, all requirements for the construction of the second  plant in China have been met. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled to  take place before fall 2021. Changes are also on the horizon at the company's  headquarters: this year, planning will begin for the new site in the Stubenwald II  industrial park in Bensheim. The move is scheduled to take place in the course of  2024. The new site will provide additional research and development capacities  for customized solutions and medical technology products – complemented by  state-of-the-art production equipment, including electronics and cleanroom  production. "This way, we are strengthening our site strategy in Germany and are  further expanding it with ecological aspects," says van Vliet. 


Focus on growth and patient safety 

In addition to the economic efforts, the company’s focus is on the human factor:  "If we manage to improve patient safety, therapy adherence, and sustainability – and thus the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people – with our solutions step by step, we have achieved our goal," says van Vliet. In the coming  years, Sanner will not only focus on new primary packaging solutions for medical  cannabis or the Sanner BioBase® portfolio, but above all on the development of  intelligent medtech solutions. 


About Sanner 

Based in Bensheim, Germany, Sanner GmbH was founded in 1894 and is now in its  fourth generation as a family-owned enterprise. Sanner develops and produces high quality plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medtech, diagnostics and  healthcare products. The world's leading manufacturer of desiccant closures and  effervescent packaging solutions, Sanner produces four billion plastic parts each year for  standard and customized packaging solutions. With almost 600 employees in Germany,  China, France, Hungary, the U.S., India and Indonesia, the company generated annual  sales of approx. 98 million euros in 2020. For further information: www.sanner


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