Sanner BioProtect® - Sustainability should always be seen as a whole

Sanner BioProtect® is our holistic approach to protecting people and natural resources.
Ecological, social and economic responsibility plays a major role for Sanner throughout the entire production of healthcare and medical packaging in order to maximize product and consumer safety.

Sanner Envelope

Energy policy at Sanner

We have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 at our German site since 2015. Since 2016, our Hungarian production site is audited in adherence to local legal requirements. Our energy policy applies to all our European sites and includes the following guidelines:

  • Commitment to continuously improve our energy-related performance and set measurable, regularly scheduled energy objectives
  • Providing necessary information and resources to achieve these objectives
  • Monitoring major energy packages to create transparency in energy consumption and verify the effectiveness of implemented measures
  • The obligation to comply with all energy-relevant legal requirements
  • Increasing our energy efficiency in innovations in process and equipment technologies and in the purchase of energy-consuming products and services

What sustainability really means: think about the future in everything you do!

We are constantly optimizing our manufacturing processes regarding the use of energy-efficient machines and automation, including logistics and infrastructure. In 2017, for example, we modernized the major part of our injection molding machines at the Bensheim site and switched to LED lighting technology. We now generate 50 percent of our energy requirements ourselves. We do this by using gas in combination with power-heat coupling. We convert the waste heat into process cooling (cooling water) by using absorbers in our power plant. In recent years, we were able to achieve considerable savings in the consumption of water and electricity thanks to the latest technologies and materials. For example, we reduced the consumption of electricity per machine hour. In addition, approximately half of the electricity obtained externally is green electricity from renewable resources.

We continue to reduce our consumption of electricity and CO2 emissions. Despite rising sales volumes, we have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 40%, measured in terms of production volume since 2012.

Our recycling rate of waste such as cardboard/paper, wood, precious metals etc. is very high. The waste is recycled while single-sort plastics are re-granulated. 

The post-consumer recyclability of our effervescent tablet packaging is 80-85% according to an independent institute.

We develop and produce bio-based effervescent tablet packaging with the goal of transferring this technology to other product segments. Bio-based plastics contribute to climate protection by reducing CO2 emissions. 

We will continue to pursue our ambitious goals. This includes reducing our energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions and using materials more efficiently. The implementation of alternative and sustainable plastics for drug packaging is our top priority, and we always have our main goal in mind: to package medicine and food supplements safely and securely to maintain their effectiveness. Our corporate philosophy also expresses this goal: Sanner. Protecting Health.

Sanner lives up to its social responsibility. Environmental protection includes protecting people

We are committed to giving our employees an economic perspective.

We are looking for long-term employment relationships. We invest in training and further educating our staff. We offer many individual measures to train tomorrow’s skilled workforce. Through close collaboration with universities and schools, we make sure to be in touch with our future colleagues. 

We draw our staff’s attention to sustainability and energy management by hosting regular events and providing detailed information. In this context we also installed an electric filling station at the Bensheim site.

Additionally, we offer our staff a range of health and sports programs.