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With Sanner BioBase®, Sanner presents the first sustainable organic effervescent tablet packaging made from over 90% renewable raw materials. Especially for the main tablet size of 25 mm in diameter, we offer different tube lengths and 5 suitable closure solutions.

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As a bio-based packaging for effervescent tablets, Sanner BioBase® is chemically almost identical to PE made from fossil raw materials.

  • Our bio-based plastic products have a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional packaging and save around 15% CO2 emissions.
  • Sanner BioBase® has increased water vapor barrier properties compared to conventional effervescent packaging, thus extending the shelf life of your products.
  • Our Sanner BioBase® packaging creates a good, high-quality hand feel and can be printed or produced with an IML label.
  • Sanner BioBase® differs from competitive products simply because of the sustainable packaging made from bio-based plastic.



Get inspiration for sustainable bio-based packaging for effervescent tablets

Bioplastics for sustainable packaging

Plastics are considered bioplastics if they are either bio-based or biodegradable. The raw material for bio-based packaging is biomass, which is obtained from e.g. corn, sugar cane or cellulose.

When using sugar cane, the ethanol it contains is converted into "green ethylene". The subsequent polymerisation creates bio-PE. This conserves fossil resources and reduces the carbon footprint of all packaging.

Sanner BioBase® – the packaging made from bio-based plastic

Sanner BioBase® is a sustainable packaging made from > 90% renewable raw materials and comes with:

  • Identical processing properties as conventional packaging
  • Improved barrier properties for longer shelf life
  • Recyclable into existing recycling stream
  • Less CO2 emissions through the use of bio-based plastic
  • Prudent use of land when extracting the raw materials
  • Increased brand value through more sustainability



An overview of Sanner’s sustainable bio-based effervescent tablet packaging

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By using bio-based packaging, you are helping to reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment.

The main components of Sanner BioBase® packaging for effervescent tablets are renewable raw materials, the production of which is based on "good agricultural practice". This is guaranteed by the "Suppliers Code of Conduct" of our suppliers.

Bio-based plastic packaging has the unique advantage over conventional packaging that it is independent of fossil raw material deposits and significantly reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore overall sustainable. In this way, we can better achieve climate goals and increase resource efficiency, since the packaging made of bio-based plastic can be recycled in the established disposal cycle.

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A wide portfolio of bioplastic packaging for your effervescent tablets!

Packaging made from bio-based plastics not only has the same properties as conventional packaging, but it can also be processed on existing filling lines and is recyclable.

For other size variants and the implementation of your previous effervescent tablet packaging in Sanner BioBase®, simply contact us.

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