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SANNER – Protecting Health

We take this claim very seriously. Maximizing product and patient safety is our primary goal. And we demonstrate this on a daily basis with our full range of packaging for pharmaceutical, medtech, healthcare and dietary supplement products.

Sanner develops and manufactures premium-quality plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical applications in four product categories: Pharma Desiccant Packaging, Test Strip Packaging, Effervescent Packaging, Engineered Product Solutions.

A global, German family business in its fourth generation, Sanner employs around 600 people in Germany, China, Indonesia, India, Hungary, France, and the USA. The company generates annual sales of around 98 million euros (2020).

26% have a technical degree or other technical training

years of experience
in medical injection molding and desiccant packaging

annual quality audits
at our sites 

customers worldwide
in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and medtech industries 

Our mission

For more than 100 years, we have served our customers as reliable, valued partners. Our customer base includes the industry's leading companies. And their standard of quality is our benchmark.

Our effervescent tablet and test strip packaging has established the Sanner brand around the world. In addition to our desiccant expertise and standard products proven millions of times over, we continuously offer our customers advanced packaging solutions or work with them on developing new concepts.

Sanner is the number one choice when it comes to combining rigorous quality standards with high-volume production. Our employees and comprehensive range of services distinguish us from competition.

Sanner products and brands

We introduced the first desiccant closure for effervescent tablets around 60 years ago. This invention ensured
that bubbles are in the glass and not in the packaging

In the meantime, we have further developed the dosage, applications and use of desiccant packaging for pharmaceutical products. Today, innovations like our desiccant caps AdCap® and desiccant bags AdPack® complement our diversified product range.

Sanner is the global market leader for effervescent tablet packaging. Our DASG and DOSG closure systems exemplify the highest quality. FOG 27® is an innovative, user-friendly closure that received top marks in consumer testing. Combined with the Brilliance® tube based on IML printing technology, it represents the latest generation of effervescent tablet packaging.

We also play a leading role in desiccant packaging for test strips, especially in the Asian market.

Another one of our strengths lies in the design, development, technical implementation, and large-scale production of customized plastic packaging and components – particularly in the field of medical technology and diagnostics. We have already implemented numerous forward-looking concepts with our Engineered Product Solutions. In cooperation with external partners and affiliates, we are working on NFC, RFID and digital solutions designed for genuine patient compliance

The highest product and patient safety is our goal. Our numerous pharmaceutical packaging solutions deliver proof of our expertise every day. According to the principle “Sanner. Protecting Health.”, we mainly produce high-quality plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical application in four different product categories: Pharma Desiccant PackagingTest Strip PackagingEffervescent Packaging and Engineered Product Solutions. Sanner is the number one choice when it comes to combining rigorous quality standards with high-volume production.

Sanner at a glance

How we protect your products

Desiccants that have been individually matched in type and quantity to your product and tested with real data ensure product safety from the first to the last tablet. We have combined our expertise and the well-known Sanner quality into the comprehensive Sanner Atmo Guard System® service.


How we work

Discover our holistic process for successful, customized packaging solutions.

Smart ideas.  Efficient designs.  Safe products.
The SANNER IDP-Process®


Sanner certified as market leader 2018

Sanner has received the quality seal “Market Leader 2018” in the category “Desiccant Primary Packaging for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products” from the German business magazine "Wirtschaftswoche". It underlines our efforts and inventions in providing high-quality primary packaging to our customers since the invention of integrated desiccant packaging solutions for the highest moisture protection 60 years ago.