You have invested a lot of time in research and development to create a perfect product. This is why it deserves only the best packaging solution. But how to get there successfully?

  • What kind of primary packaging do you need when launching a new product?
  • How can you combine cost-effectivness in pharma packaging with smooth processes?
  • How to achieve maximum risk mitigation and safety?
  • Which factors must be taken into account to achieve the required shelf-life?

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® provides the answers.

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When launching a new product, you must undergo the offical approval procedure

We want you to feel save about your primary packaging passing the tests and achieving the required shelf-life. Therefore you require a partner who takes care that your process is shortened while testing real packaging data and selecting the right solutions.

This is exactly why we have established Sanner Atmo Guard System®:

for a safe, timely and cost-effective market launch of your products.

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® is based on five distinct points. They guarantee that you receive exactly the desiccant packaging solution your product requires. Without any additional efforts for you.

Smooth process integration

Extensive process know-how

Ideal atmosphere

Consideration of all moisture ingress factors

Risk mitigation

Testing of all packaging data


Tailored desiccant solutions

Successful projects

Long-time experience

This is the service you receive every time you buy a pharmaceutical desiccant plastic packaging from Sanner.

As primary packaging experts, we stick to our promises. Challenge us and contact us to receive more information about the Sanner Atmo Guard System®.

Let us support you in achieving a safe, timely and cost-effective market launch of your products!

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