Desiccants - our core competency.

Each year, Sanner ships more than a billion closures and packages complete with integrated desiccants worldwide.

At some time or other, wherever you are on Earth, you have probably held some of our desiccant packages in your hand.

With its application for a patent on the fist desiccant closure in 1959, Sanner laid the foundation for a new kind of packaging providing reliable protection from moisture for effervescent and coated tablets, gel capsules and tablets. Having continuously refined this closure technology ever since, we are capable of ensuring pre-defined climatic conditions inside packages. 

Additionally, we manufacture desiccant capsules and many other packaging solutions, such as child-resistant closures, containing desiccants. Please refer to our product catalog to find more detailed information.


Zusätzlich zu diesen Verschlüssen fertigen wir Trockenmittelkapseln und viele weitere Verschlusslösungen, z.B. kindergesicherte Verschlüsse mit Trockenmittel. In unserem Produktkatalog finden Sie dazu mehr. Und was Sie dort nicht finden sollten, können wir für Sie realisieren. 

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