Caps for effervescent tablets

Only original with 5 fingers and undercuts in the closure for effervescent tablets 

Sanner was the first company to introduce a closure for effervescent tablets to the market and is technology leader for effervescent packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements – which has remained unchanged to date. Our products stand with a perfect fit of desiccant cap and vial for high quality effervescent packaging. Take your benefit out of a vast range of effervescent tubes and effervescent closures with integrated desiccant.

Nearly 40 years experience - closures of highest quality

We have been producing our classics DASG and DOSG desiccant caps since 1980. This is distinctive Sanner quality. Only original with 5 fingers and Sanner undercuts for the warranty function.

Make your customers feel safe

The Sanner tamper-evident and warranty safety: the undercuts ensure that the warranty bar will break in case of unauthorized initial opening. This way your patients know whether the packaging has been opened before.

 Make your selection

We offer you a vast range of desiccant caps for effervescent tablets from 18 mm up to 35 mm and in a wide range of colors.

Silica gel and molecular sieves for the ideal climate and an excellent workability

Our know-how and quality in high-volume production of effervescent packaging offers you reliability. Our competence in desiccant dosing and integration in effervescent caps makes sure that your product achieves the desired shelf life. Whether silica gel, molecular sieves or a mixture – we will find the ideal solution for your effervescent product, production environment and market.

The sophisticated geometry with clear and sharp contours ensures that the Sanner effervescent closures can be optimally processed on high-speed equipment and provide a high-quality appearance.

FOG 27, the Flip Top closure – innovative and consumer-oriented

However, we will not rest on the laurels of one of the most comprehensive portfolios. With the FOG 27 Flip Top cap, we have introduced a new, innovative and user-friendly effervescent closure.

FOG 27 convinces consumer test participants

Best-agers confirm: “The closure can be opened easily, quickly and without pain.“
90% would buy the effervescent tablets again simply because of their better effervescent packaging. Strengthen customer loyalty with only a small adjustment and secure the success of your product. Retell the story of your effervescent tablets!

Main target group is convinced by easy opening of the FOG 27 desiccant cap!

  • 25% of adults consume nutritional supplements
  • 50% of them are older than 60
  • 90% of best-agers struggle with opening packaging closures

3 times as fast – 70% less physical effort!

  • Easy to open effervescent packaging in just a third of the time
  • Significantly less physical effort required for initial opening of the effervescent cap
  • Easily and intuitively re-closable closure
  • Excellent tightness
  • Suitable for all nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products

Our Service for your effervescent tablet packaging

Humidity permeating into the packaging can cause compressed and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, become discolored, lose their potency or develop unwanted odors.

Desiccants or activated carbon prevent these problems and enhance product safety from the first to the last tablet. We have bundled our expertise and quality in a comprehensive service:

The Sanner Atmo Guard System®

To recommend the ideal amount and type of desiccant, we take all relevant moisture ingress factors into account. We work with real product data to develop your tailored desiccant solution, which ensures cost-effectiveness and maintains the required shelf-life. Reliability is based on experience. Trust in the moisture absorber by Sanner.

Flip Top closure convinces consumer test participants

With the first Flip Top convenience closure for effervescent tablets, Sanner has developed the ideal solution: the new FOG 27 effervescent cap can be opened within just a few seconds – easily and without pain.

The new packaging generation for effervescent tablets

Sanner Brilliance® Tubes: effervescent packaging with IML technology for more design, more information, more flexibility – simply more WOW! Together with the FOG 27 desiccant cap, Sanner offers the best convenience packaging for effervescent tablets.

Sanner plastic tubes with different decorating techniques

One of the largest ranges of effervescent tubes and the best decorating techniques such as offset HD and IML.

Sanner IDP-Process®

You didn‘t find the right packaging in our integrated solutions portfolio?
No problem! Our experienced engineering team will design your individual solution based on our proven Sanner IDP-Process®.

Smart ideas.  Efficient designs.  Safe products.