Idea – Design – Product – the Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and contract manufacturing projects

What is the Sanner IDP-Process®?

Experience our holistic process for successful, customized development and contract manufacturing projects.

Are you developing a new drug and still need the ideal pharmaceutical packaging concept and a customized packaging tailored to your requirements? Are you looking for medical solutions or do you require a competent development partner for your medical device? Maybe just a contract manufacturer for your customer unique products. The Sanner IDP-Process® combines long-term primary packaging expertise and medical device development experience in one holistic process – for your customized medical system or engineered unique primary packaging from a single source.

In a six-phase process, we manage your entire project – from the first idea through to serial production, and beyond. Regardless at which point of the project you enter, the result will be: a smart, efficient and safe solution for your medical device or drug packaging.  


Sanner is backed by years of experience in 

  • Multi-component and precision injection molding
  • Integration of desiccants
  • Dosing of fillers and chemical substances
  • Material selection and technical suitability, even for complicated materials including Barex or COC
  • Packaging design
  • Mass production in consistently high quality
  • Cleanroom production class 7 & 8 (class C & D)
  • Sealing and joining technologies
  • Assembly
  • Different decoration techniques
  • Box-build logistics solutions 

Concept Phase 

Tell us what you need!

In our product design department, we will develop creative packaging concepts and medical devices in line with regulatory requirements, which are transferable to large-scale production.

Design Phase 

Take a pick! 

We will specify your favorite concepts based on a validated product design.

Prototype Phase 

Challenge us! 

We will qualify and test the required equipment and close-to-production product samples in a close cooperation between your and our experts.

Industrialization Phase 

Get ready for the real thing!

We will manufacture, install and qualify the production equipment and define the parameters for a smooth and efficient production process.

Implementation Phase 

For your approval! 

We will establish a robust and fully validated manufacturing process, and prepare the required documentation. Once you give your approval, everything is set for a fast and reliable production start.

Roll-out Phase 

Conquer the market! 

While you get busy selling, we make sure that consistent product quality is maintained through continuous control of serial production.

Even after the market launch, we remain at your side – throughout the entire life cycle of your product. 

Continuous quality management and process optimization make sure you are always on the safe side.

Let us support you in realizing your smart, efficient and safe pharma packaging solution or medical device! The holistic Sanner IDP-Process® for your successful project.

Are you interested in project examples?

Click here and get in touch, our sales colleagues will be happy to give advise and you will receive your personal login to discover Sanner Engineered Product Solutions.  

Do you need the ideal pharmaceutical packaging or medical device concept, a customized solution tailored to your requirements, a competent development partner or just a contract manufacturer.

Packaging development with highest Quality & Compliance

  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 15378, ISO 50001
  • FDA compliant manufacturing for primary packaging and medical devices (cGMP); 21 CFR PART 820 Quality System Regulation compliant
  • Drug Master Files Type III for Sanner packaging at FDA
  • Manufacturing of components for CE marked products
  • USP compliant packaging (USP <661.1>, USP <670>)
  • EU and FDA Food Compliance (EU-Directive 10/2011/EC, EU-Directive 1935/2004/EC, EU-Directive 2023/2006/EC, 21 CFR 174-186)
  • Class ISO 7 and 8 clearoom production
  • Humidity and temperature-controlled manufacturing environment 

What our customers appreciate 

  • Open communication and highest flexibility thanks to short distances and trusting cooperation leads to maximum security in the whole development process
  • Concept development & design studies
  • Research and selection of materials
  • Product development according to IDP-Process® and based on cGMP guidelines
  • Product design suitable for large-scale industrial production
  • Re-engineering and cost improvements for existing packaging
  • Process development by using latest DoE procedures
  • Full validation capabilities (DQ, OQ, IQ, PQ)
  • Regulatory advice
  • Sterilisation Consulting
  • Development and validation of test methods
  • Optimization of supply chain and secondary packaging 

Engineered Product Solutions

Pharma Desiccant Packaging


Teststrip Packaging

Effervescent Packaging