Solutions from a vast range of packaging options for cannabis products

Our portfolio contains cannabis packaging containers (45 -150ml) or jars as well as tubes, all with corresponding tamper-evident caps for cannabis tablets, cannabis gel capsules or cannabis lonzenges or gums.
Our new child resistant packaging solution TabTec® CR (Child Resistant) is a convenient and modern CR cannabis packaging design. It securely locks in the freshness of the product for longevity while adding a modern touch to your cannabis dispensary presentation. This new child resistant press & flip mechanism of the TabTec® CR offers convenience and child resistance at the same time.
Let your customers carry your unique cannabis packaging out the door and share it with the world. Also perfect for promotional give-aways or first time patient/customer deals.

Packaging for your cannabis products from experts

Our packaging solutions are produced in a GMP environment. As a market leader in pharmaceutical packaging for more than 125 years we are the pioneer in desiccant packaging solutions for reliable humidity protection. Utilize our pharmaceutical grade vials and bottles to package and store your cannabis products.

With packaging from Sanner you benefit from long-time expertise in packaging medical as well as healthcare products.


Gain broader brand awareness with an unique cannabis packaging for your tablets or capsules

All our solutions for the packaging of cannabis products can be labeled or printed to stand out of the crowd and give your cannabis products a unique touch to create product awareness and more customer loyality. You also have the option to give your customer useful information about the products or promote your products with integrated QR-Codes or booklet labels. It is definitely an excellent option to differentiate.

Our product designers and engineering experts will be pleased to develop your individual cannabis packaging, contact us.

Child resistance

Make your packaging child proof

The TabTec® CR is a modern child-resistant solution with a press & flip mechanism. All other child-proof solutions comply with PPPA regulatory (US CFR Part 1700). Sanner offers also push & turn child resistant caps corresponding to cannabis bottles (45 - 150ml).

Airtight and smell proof

Keep the freshness and aroma inside your packaging

Our cannabis bottles, vials and cannabis tubes have all corresponding caps while using different plastic materials for both, we achieve a 100% container-closure integrity. This provides odor proof protection against air and moisture to maintain product integrity.

Moisture ingress

Extend the shelf life of your cannabis contents

Sanner is the pioneer in desiccant packaging. We have integrated desiccant solutions with the desiccant chambered in the cap or bottom of the packaging. But we also offer desiccant capsules and desiccant packs as drop-in solutions. We provide different desiccant types  and amounts according to your cannabis packaging requirements to ensure optimum shelf-life conditions. All solutions are available with a combination of activated carbon and desiccant to reduce odors.


Keep UV light outside your packaging

We could produce our cannabis containers or cannabis vials as well as the caps in black which blocks harmful UV rays which ensures optimum storage conditions and an increased shelf-life. The vials are also available in opaque materials.

We will find the optimal packaging solution for your cannabis products!

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Find the ideal packaging for your cannabis product

We help you pick the right packaging for your needs

As a producer of cannabis products it is important to increase brand awareness and also to deliver the highest quality. No matter whether you sell medical cannabis or cannabis for leisure use, you need a packaging that protects your product optimally, increases its shelf life and communicates the benefits of your cannabis product.

Our packaging experts advise you which packaging is best for your needs. Together we will find the ideal packaging solution and create a design that help you to stand out of the crowd.

Therefore we offer packaging solutions for:

  • cannabis tablets
  • cannabis gel capsules
  • cannabis edibles like lonzenges or gums

Our packaging sortiment contains:

  • cannabis containers (45 - 150ml)
  • cannabis jars
  • tubes for cannabis with tamper-evident caps
  • child resistant containers
  • custom packaging solutions

We support you in choosing the right packaging and design. Just contact us!


Our service for your desiccant packaging

Humidity permeating into the packaging can cause compressed and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, become discolored, lose their potency or develop unwanted odors.

Desiccants or activated carbon prevent these problems and enhance product safety from the first to the last tablet. We have bundled our expertise and quality in a comprehensive service: The Sanner Atmo Guard System®

To recommend the ideal amount and type of desiccant, we  take all relevant moisture ingress factors into account. We work with real product data to develop your tailored desiccant solution, which ensures cost-effectiveness and maintains the required shelf-life. Reliability is based on experience. 


CR Cannabis Packaging by Sanner

Reliable, child-proof, easy to use

Custom cannabis packaging

You have special packaging requirements? Our engineers have plenty of ideas in the pipeline to show you new child-resistant solutions and new designs to create your custom cannabis packaging. Contact us!


Ecological friendly

All our products are BPA free, FDA food safe and are recycable for minimal landfill impact. Feel free to talk with us about ecologically friendly and sustainable solutions for your packaging of cannabis products. Contact us!