Child-resistant packaging - no problem with the TabTec® CR

The TabTec® CR is a child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging for solid drugs with a novel and patented child-resistant function. The Press & Flip child safety mechanism in the closure prevents accidental opening. The certified child-resistant packaging meets all regulatory requirements (ISO 8317 (2015), PPPA 16 CFR Part 1700.20, DMF No. 29415).

Reliable – child-proof – easy to use

The TabTec® CR prevents medicines from getting into children's hands. The intuitive re-closure of the child-resistant function, confirmed by consumers, makes the medication safe.

The integrated desiccant and the appropriate color selection not only make the contents childproof, but also protect them from moisture and light at all times. The integrated pouring assistance offers a particularly hygienic and simple dosage of the medicines.


Confirmed by consumers

Further advantages of our child-resistant packaging

No extra desiccant capsules or sachets have to be filled into the child-resistant tablet packaging during filling.

The child-resistant tablet box also offers other advantages, such as the application of a warranty function by means of a label with integrated TE band. Further information such as Braille, QR codes, advertising and the like can be integrated into a booklet label.

This saves costs in secondary packaging and opens up new communication channels to end users.


Child proof on-the-go pharmaceutical packaging as an alternative to blisters

In an independent consumer study, the novel child-resistant packaging for tablets was given an excellent rating. Consumers between the ages of 18 and 50 in particular are convinced of the need for a child-proof tablet box for many medicines.

The TabTec® CR from Sanner also scored very well in other criteria compared to child-resistant blister packs. In addition to the child-resistant opening mechanism, these include hygienic removal and easy use on the go, especially when compared to the widespread child-resistant blister packs. The need to open the TabTec® CR packaging with both hands reinforces the impression of child safety.


More differentiation at point of sale with the TabTec® CR

The novel design of the TabTec® CR also enhances the look and feel of the brand. A pleasant haptic and the modern design improve the differentiation and recognition of child proof medicines.

The TabTec® CR clearly stands out from the mass of child resistant pharmaceutical packaging (mainly blister packs). Blisters are often removed from the folding carton and can only be reassigned on closer inspection. The TabTec® CR, however, is immediately recognized thanks to ist color selection, and is attractive to the end consumer thanks to its color selection. In addition, the opening mechanism of the TabTec® CR is not only childproof, but also senior-friendly.

The TabTec® CR is unique, unmistakable and child proof right down to the last tablet.


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Our service for your desiccant packaging

Humidity permeating into the packaging can cause compressed and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, become discolored, lose their potency or develop unwanted odors.

Desiccants or activated carbon prevent these problems and enhance product safety from the first to the last tablet. We have bundled our expertise and quality in a comprehensive service: The Sanner Atmo Guard System®

To recommend the ideal amount and type of desiccant, we  take all relevant moisture ingress factors into account. We work with real product data to develop your tailored desiccant solution, which ensures cost-effectiveness and maintains the required shelf-life. Reliability is based on experience. 

Child-proof and senior-friendly

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Child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging with push/turn mechanism

Further child-resistant packaging in our portfolio, such as the child-resistant push/turn closure.


Novel child-proof packaging for pharmaceuticals

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