Desiccant packaging – moisture management as a complete system

Sanner offers a variety of integrated desiccant solutions, developed according to the Sanner Atmo Guard System® and tailored to the specific needs of your product. In case you can’t find the appropriate primary packaging at first glance, our engineering department will support you by developing your individual solution.

Desiccant packaging solutions: Our product portfolio

Tubes and closures

Our portfolio comprises a large selection of press-on desiccant closures. We also offer FlipTop caps with integrated moisture absorber for plastic and aluminum tubes, which are suited for tablets, capsules and probiotics. Your products will benefit from the high tightness of the container-closure combination of our plastic tubes and caps. Moreover, we also offer closures for aluminum tubes which are virtually air-proof, light-proof and shatter-proof, and are particularly suited for probiotics.

Plastic bottles and closures

We offer a variety of plastic bottles with press-on or screw caps, also with child-resistant functionalities. Pharmaceutical plastic bottles are made of medical grade material with a thick wall, which ensures excellent barrier properties. Thanks to the packaging’s tightness, a good moisture management inside these container systems is ensured. Apart from our standard range, we also offer customized solutions. If you are looking for a very specific packaging solution, please contact our customer service.

Glass bottles and closures

Sanner’s tight desiccant closures are combined with glass bottles of leading European pharmaceutical glass packaging manufacturers to generate a complete packaging system. The integrated moisture absorber ensures optimum protection for your products.

You didn‘t find the right packaging in our desiccant packaging portfolio?

No problem! Our experienced engineering team will design your individual solution based on our proven IDP-Process®.

We also offer drop-in moisture absorber:

Drop-In desiccant solutions

AdCap ® is the new generation of desiccant capsules for moisture and odor protection. The innovative design of the grid structure in the capsule wall makes sure that moisture and odors are optimally adsorbed right after filling.

AdPack® desiccant packs are designed for the optimum protection of moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals during their entire shelf-life. The sachets are available as single packs or on reel, and can be filled either with silica gel or molecular sieves. 


Drop- In Solutions

Sanner Atmo Guard System® – our service for your desiccant packaging

Humidity permeating into the packaging can cause compressed and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, become discolored, lose their potency or develop unwanted odors.

Desiccants or activated carbon prevent these problems and enhance product safety from the first to the last tablet. We have bundled our expertise and quality in a comprehensive service: The Sanner Atmo Guard System®

To recommend the ideal amount and type of desiccant, we  take all relevant moisture ingress factors into account. We work with real product data to develop your tailored desiccant solution, which ensures cost-effectiveness and maintains the required shelf-life. Reliability is based on experience.