CR TabTec: modern, child-resistant and easy to use

Sanner presents market innovation and solution portfolio at CPhI

Bensheim/Frankfurt (Germany), October 7, 2019 – At CPhI worldwide, Sanner

GmbH will present its new child-resistant tablet container CR TabTec for the

first time. It obtained excellent ratings in a consumer test regarding its

functional characteristics and design. Visitors to the joint booth "Excellence

in Pharma" (booth 111G10, hall 11) will furthermore see Sanner's

comprehensive range of solutions for pharmaceuticals, medical technology,

diagnostics and healthcare products.

[Translate to Hungarian:] Modern, kindersicher und einfach im Gebrauch: der neue CR TabTec Tablettenbehälter von Sanner

Sanner will present a market innovation at CPhI worldwide: the CR TabTec tablet
container has a new opening mechanism that protects children from accidentally
taking painkillers, antidepressants or medical cannabis. "The patented Press & Flip
closure is designed to prevent children from opening the container. However, it is
still easy to handle for adults, who simply need to press and lift the cap
simultaneously," explains Ursula Hahn, Head of Product Management at Sanner.


Consumer test confirms easy handling

In July 2019, an independent market research institute commissioned by Sanner
conducted a consumer test with 120 participants, who tested the CR TabTec for
optical and haptic properties as well as everyday handling. They were particularly
impressed by the simple and hygienic removal of individual tablets thanks to an
integrated pouring assistance. Moreover, almost all participants confirmed that the
container can be resealed easily and intuitively thanks to the attached closure. With
its slim shape, the container fits in any trouser pocket and remains securely closed
on the go. The innovative design with its distinct shape and design options makes
the packaging solution stand out from many other products at point of sale.

The new CR TabTec also offers pharmaceutical manufacturers an economic
alternative to conventional tablet packaging. "The desiccant integrated into the
bottom of the container shortens the filling process for moisture-sensitive products,
as there is no need to add capsules and sachets," explains Ursula Hahn. "All
necessary information can be printed on the label. The latter can be applied in
various ways and equipped with an optional tamper-proof protection.


Extensive portfolio for pharma and medtech

In addition to the new tablet container, Sanner will showcase its entire solution
portfolio for pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, as well as diagnostic,
analytical and medical devices. The AdPack® desiccant sachets made of Tyvek®
, for example, offer an ideal combination of moisture protection, breathability and
resistance. The AdCap® desiccant capsules ensure that moisture or odors are
optimally adsorbed immediately after filling. Depending on requirements, they are
available with silica gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon or mixtures.

Sanner will further provide information on customer-specific solutions such as
syringe accessories, inhalers, transfer devices and components for medical
technology and diagnostic products.

Sanner at CPhI worldwide: joint booth “Excellence in Pharma”, booth
111G10, hall 11, November 5 to 7, 2019, Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

About Sanner
Based in Bensheim, Germany, Sanner GmbH was founded in 1894 and is now in its fourth
generation as a family-owned enterprise. Sanner develops and produces high-quality
plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medtech, diagnostics and
healthcare products. The world's leading manufacturer of desiccant closures and
effervescent packaging solutions, Sanner produces two billion plastic parts each year for
standard and customized packaging solutions. With 550 employees in Germany, China,
Indonesia, India, Hungary, France and the U.S., the company generated annual sales of
approx. 81 million euros in 2018.
For further information, please visit www.sanner-group.com.

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