Sanner Offers Complete CDMO Capabilities

Sanner has built a complete CDMO service offering using leading edge technologies for the design, development, and manufacture of customer devices for drug delivery, diagnostic and medtech applications.

Sanner Envelope

Sanner CDMO Capabilities

  • Innovation
  • Design - Development & Prototyping
  • Injection Molding
  • Device Manufacturing
  • Device Assembly
  • Desiccants
  • Commercialization
  • Quality Control


At Sanner, we apply smart innovation throughout our operations. New technologies drive the development of our customer’s latest device requirements. From concepting to design and industrialization we apply new ideas that solve customer challenges and result in robust, functional, high-quality devices.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) assembly process development
  • Digital process and tooling design
  • 3D printing for rapid prototyping
  • DfMA and integrated design approaches
  • Precision injection molding including 2K TPE
  • Integrated in-process control systems

Sanner Design - Development & Protoyping Capabilities

Once we determine the customer requirement specification, we apply the latest technologies to concept and design a scalable and manufacturable device.

We apply DfMA concepts, human factors, and material selection that result in a high-quality device design that is manufacturing ready.    

  • Digital CAD concepts converted to detailed CAD at later stages
  • Efficient development with digital twins and mold-flow analysis
  • Integration of design & development with prototyping, testing & evaluation
  • Comprehensive design transfer packages

Sanner Injection Molding

Sanner applies numerous modern and efficient injection molding technologies to customer device programs. We choose the right technology for each individual device or component specification and stage. With rapid early prototyping capabilities, to scale up and injection molding commercialization options, we can produce fully optimized injection molded products for virtually any requirement.

  • 3D printing – LFS/SLA (Formlabs) and FDM (QidiTech)
  • Flexible Change Molds (Sanner Flexible change molds system) IM: KM6/80 CX 2K with CR Option
  • Babyplast 1012H (thermoplastics & LSR) – fully electric thermoplastic injection molding
  • 2K injection molding (TPE)
  • ISO Class 7 & 8 clean room production available

Sanner Device Manufacturing Capabilities

At Sanner we offer complete CDMO services. Not only do we perform highly precise injection molding, but we also offer the extra capabilities needed to bring a new device together.

  • Sealing & Ultra Sonic (US) Welding
  • Aluminum Sealing
  • Dosing & Filling - precise dosing of granules
  • Siliconization
  • Decoration – IML, HD Offset (Letterset), pad printing, paper embossing

Sanner Device Assembly Capabilities

We consider the critical aspects of the assembly process from the earliest stages of concepting and design to ensure the device is scalable to required volumes. We use innovative technologies to craft fully optimized assembly processes that work. From small scale hand assembly to large-scale fully automated assembly operations, we work with the industry’s leading assembly automation firms to create ideal assembly processes.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) assembly process development applied to proof-of-principle studies for scalability assessment
  • GAMP5 Compliant GxP Computerized Systems 
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and CR manufacturing & assembly
  • Screw technology

Sanner Desiccant Capabilities

As the first company in Europe to offer integrated desiccant solutions, Sanner remains an industry leader in desiccation for pharmaceutical and medical applications. When moisture sensitivity is a concern, Sanner  can provide integrated or drop-in solutions that protect moisture-sensitive drug-device combination products.

  • Drop-in desiccant capsules, cannister & sachets
  • Integrated desiccants for enhanced moisture protection
  • Device-desiccant designs for secondary packaging

Sanner Commercialization Capabilities

Bringing together a wide range of services is needed to commercialize MedTech and medical device products. Sanner matches its comprehensive in-house capabilities with highly qualified external partners to provide a complete commercialization services package. We’ve established strong and lasting relationships with some of the world’s leading technology and services companies so that we can provide a seamless CDMO customer experience. Some examples of added services include:

  • Sterilization (external) by ETO, radiation, autoclave steam
  • Supply chain management
  • Validation support
  • Box-Build logistics – concept, design, realization, and supply chain management

Sanner Quality Control (QC) Capabilities

All of Sanner’s CDMO services are performed with device quality in mind. We use high-tech development tools and apply comprehensive in-process controls to produce injection molded devices of the highest quality to customer specifications. Some our QC capabilities include:

  • Melt-flow index determinations
  • Laser measuring
  • Permeation tests (WVTR)
  • Camera and video controls in-process
  • In-process parts measurement and metal detectors
  • In-process welding contour tests
  • Flow rate controls (MDI)

Sanner - Complete Capabilities

Sanner’s CDMO business was designed to deliver all the capabilities needed to support the advance of a customer’s medical device or primary packaging system to market. With state-of-the-art operational sites in Europe and Asia, Sanner provides CDMO services that truly deliver. And we are always looking to the future for our customers. We apply the newest technologies and systems, that improve the design, development, and manufacture of our customer’s devices so they too can stay ahead of the curve. Sanner’s CDMO services can bring your new device idea to life, all in one integrated CDMO.