Test strip packaging

Sanner Envelope

As the market leader in Asia and with a strong global background, Sanner is your reliable partner for test strip packaging of all kinds and produces high quality in large quantities. Sanner test strip packaging offers an excellent price-performance ratio.
Maximum product safety is combined with the highest level of tightness, thus ensuring optimal moisture regulation in your packaging. Selected desiccant solutions guarantee the functionality of the test strips. User-friendly test strip packaging with flip top closures enables the sensitive test strips to be handled safely and offers a modern form of packaging.

FO-28 BS
Food & Pharma registration

Technical features:

Sealing diameter Closure
27.8 mm
Desiccant amount
2.3 - 2.5 g
Silica Gel, molecular sieve, mixture

Production sites:


Materials and construction:

white; other colors on request

Matching components:

Name Type Sealing diameter Closure
B28/40 PO Bottle 27.8 mm
T28/90 Tube 27.8 mm
T 28/48-1 Tube 27.1 mm
T 28/63-1 Tube 27.3 mm
All dimensions are approximate. For actual measurements please ask for the technical data sheet. All information given here do not release the customer from proving the suitability for his intended use.