Pharmaceutical child resistant packaging

Sanner offers you standardized child-resistant packaging in the form of plastic bottles with push-turn closures, but also innovative child-resistant packaging for pharmaceuticals such as the Sanner TabTec®. In addition, our development engineers have numerous new concepts.

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  • Child-resistant packaging with push-turn closures
  • Tablet dispenser with child safety function as childproof packaging
  • Novel designs for child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging

Child-resistant packaging with push-turn closures

Sanner offers a variety of plastic bottles with childproof push-turn caps. The material used is approved for pharmaceutical packaging and has excellent barrier properties. Thanks to their tightness, these containers ensure good moisture regulation in the packaging. This is further supported by the possibility of integrating desiccants in the closure.

Novel pill dispensers with child safety function as childproof packaging

The Sanner TabTec® CR is a childproof pharmaceutical packaging for solid medicines with a new and patented childproof function. The Press & Flip child safety mechanism in the closure prevents accidental opening. The certified childproof packaging meets all regulatory requirements ISO 8317 (2015), PPPA 16 CFR Part 1700.20 and is listed in the DMF.

Thanks to the integrated desiccant and the appropriate choice of color, the contents are not only childproof, but also protected against moisture and light at all times. The integrated pouring opening offers a particularly hygienic and easy dosing of the medicines.

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Child-resistant plastic primary packaging as an alternative to blisters

In an independent consumer study, the new child-resistant packaging Sanner TabTec® CR for tablets received an excellent rating. Consumers between the ages of 18 and 50 in particular rate a child-proof pill box as very high for many medicines. Sanner TabTec® CR also scored very well on other criteria compared to child-resistant blister packs.


Child safety in practice with Paul and Niklas

The Sanner TabTec® not only scores with the child-proof opening mechanism, it is also a senior-friendly closure thanks to the special mechanism. It also offers hygienic removal thanks to the special opening.

Many consumers do not perceive the widespread child-proof blister packs as such.

The need to open the TabTec® CR packaging with both hands reinforces the child-safety impression. Blisters are also often removed from the secondary packaging and can only be reassigned on closer inspection. Due to the possibilities of color selection, with the TabTec you have packaging that is immediately recognized and is attractive to the end consumer.

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In addition, the childproof packaging of the Sanner TabTec® CR opens up further advantages, such as attaching a guarantee function using a label with integrated TE tape. Additional information can be integrated into a booklet label, such as Braille, QR codes, advertising and much more. This saves secondary packaging costs.

More information about child safety in pharmaceutical packaging.

More differentiation at the "Point-of-Sale" (POS) with innovative designs for childproof pharmaceutical packaging

The innovative design studies by Sanner not only make the packaging childproof for medicines, but also enhance the look and feel of the brand. A pleasant feel and the modern design improve the possibility of differentiation and recognition for child-resistant medicines


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