Primary packaging for solid pharmaceuticals with integrated desiccant

Sanner offers you two key advantages as a supplier of pharmaceutical desiccant packaging:
  >70 years of experience in injection molding with the highest quality standards
  >60 years of experience in the integration of desiccants

Mastery of both areas of expertise makes Sanner the ideal supplier for packaging for solid pharmaceuticals.

Sanner Envelope

Our product range includes:

  • Plastic bottles with desiccant closures as screw caps or snap closures
  • Plastic tubes with desiccant closures as snap-on or flip-top closures
  • Desiccant closures for glass bottles and aluminum tubes

Plastic bottles with screw caps and snap-on caps as primary pharmaceutical packaging with integrated desiccant

Sanner offers various container desiccant closure solutions. What they all have in common is the high fitting accuracy at the point where most moisture enters a pharmaceutical packaging, namely - the opening. This reduces the moisture entry (water vapor transmission rate). The integration of desiccants in the closure saves space in the container as well as the feeding of separate desiccant capsules or desiccant sachets. Added to this is the ideal design of the integrated desiccant for the packaged medication. Both make Sanner pharmaceutical packaging for tablets, capsules and coated tablets a safe system and offer you optimal product protection and the desired shelf life.

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Plastic tubes with snap-on or flip-top closures with integrated desiccant

Our plastic tubes and closures with integrated desiccant are approved for pharmaceutical primary packaging and have excellent barrier properties. Thanks to their tightness and the desiccant integrated into the plastic pharmaceutical packaging, they are the ideal pharmaceutical primary packaging for tablets. The desiccant remains in the cap and therefore has no contact with the medication, and dust formation is also avoided. Sanner offers you one of the largest product ranges of plastic tubes and matching desiccant closures worldwide.

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The Sanner Atmo Guard System® for ideal product protection

Moisture penetrating the packaging can cause tablets, coated tablets and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, lose their color or effectiveness or develop undesirable odors.

The integration of desiccants into pharmaceutical packaging prevents these problems and ensures product safety from the first to the last tablet.

We have bundled our decades of know-how and the well-known Sanner quality in a comprehensive service, the Sanner Atmo Guard System®, and determine the ideal amount and type of desiccant for you depending on the content of the packaged product, your filling conditions and the climate zone in your sales market.

This not only gives you safe active packaging to protect your medication, but also significant time savings in commercialization.

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® for ideal product protection

Product safety optimization through outstanding expertise in desiccant integration by our unique "Atmo Guard®" concept.

The Sanner Atmo Guard System®

Desiccant closures for glass bottles and aluminum tubes

Sanner desiccant closures are combined with glass bottles from leading European manufacturers of pharmaceutical glass packaging to form a complete packaging system. The integrated moisture absorbers ensure optimal protection for your pharmaceutical primary packaging

We also offer you suitable aluminum tubes for our closures with an integrated desiccant, which are practically airtight, lightproof and unbreakable and are particularly suitable for particularly sensitive medicines as pharmaceutical primary packaging.


We would be happy to inform you about the ideal complete system for pharmaceutical primary packaging with an integrated desiccant