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Unpacking bioplastics for food supplement brands - a Vitafoods Insights Podcast

Plastic remains the packaging material of choice across the food and nutrition industry thanks to its cost effective, shelf stable, durable and variable associations. However, huge carbon footprints and waste challenges throughout the plastic lifecycle have put pressure on multiple industries to consider packaging alternatives that work toward overcoming the climate and environmental crisis. In this Vitafoods Insights podcast, Ulla Hahn of Sanner and Charlotte Bastiaanse of Vitafoods Insights discuss sustainable packaging for nutraceutical brands and provides a framework of the bioplastic opportunity.

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Short Biography Ursula Hahn

After graduating in material science and surface engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Aalen, Germany, in 1992, Ursula Hahn started her career in quality management.

She joined Sanner in 1995, and has been working for the company in different positions: quality management, engineering / packaging development, innovation management and product management, where she gained a wealth of expertise in desiccant and effervescent packaging development.

Since 2017, she is head of product management and, amongst other tasks, responsible for patent management.