Sanner BioBase® – packaging made of bioplastics

With Sanner BioBase®, Sanner presents the first eco-friendly packaging for effervescent tablets made from renewable raw materials. As a pioneer and market leader in this segment, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment. Sanner BioBase® is a sustainable packaging consisting of over 90% renewable raw materials.

Bioplastics for sustainable packaging

Plastics are considered bioplastics if they are either bio-based and/or biodegradable. Biomass, which can for example be obtained from corn, sugar cane or cellulose, provides the raw material for bio-based plastics. When using sugar cane, the contained ethanol is converted to "green ethylene". The subsequent polymerization produces bio PE/PP. This serves fossil resources and reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging.

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Sanner BioBase® – the eco-friendly packaging for your product

Sanner BioBase® packaging solutions mainly consist of renewable raw materials. Their production is based on good agricultural practice, which is guaranteed by the “supplier code of conduct” of our partners.

Bio-based plastic packaging has a unique advantage over conventional packaging: it is independent of fossil raw material deposits and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This helps us achieve climate targets and increase resource efficiency, since packaging made of bioplastics can be recycled.

Sanner BioBase® – Sustainable packaging for effervescent tablets

Packaging made of bio-based plastics has the same properties as conventional packaging, is recyclable and can be processed on existing filling lines. Moreover, it has several decisive advantages:

Sanner BioBase® as bio-based packaging is almost identical to PE made of fossil raw material.

Sanner BioBase® products have a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional packaging.

Sanner BioBase® has increased water vapor barrier properties than conventional effervescent packaging, thus extending the shelf life of your products.

Sanner BioBase® has a good and high-quality feel. It is printable or can be produced with an IML label.

Sanner BioBase® distinguishes itself from competing products by its sustainable bioplastic packaging alone. By using bio-based packaging, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and protecting the environment.

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Our service for your desiccant packaging

Humidity permeating into the packaging can cause compressed and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, become discolored, lose their potency or develop unwanted odors.

Desiccants or activated carbon prevent these problems and enhance product safety from the first to the last tablet. We have bundled our expertise and quality in a comprehensive service: 
The Sanner Atmo Guard System®

To recommend the ideal amount and type of desiccant, we  take all relevant moisture ingress factors into account. We work with real product data to develop your tailored desiccant solution, which ensures cost-effectiveness and maintains the required shelf-life. Reliability is based on experience. 

Sanner BioBase® made of bioplastics for sustainable packaging

  • Renewable raw materials
  • Identical processing properties
  • Improved barrier properties
  • Recyclable
  • Different application possibilities
  • Less CO2 emissions during production
  • Prudent land use
  • Increased brand value

Sanner BioBase® as a part of the Sanner BioProtect® strategy

Sustainability must always be seen as a whole. If we offer sustainable packaging solutions made of bioplastics, our production concept must be designed accordingly!

Sanner BioProtect® is our sustainability concept within the Sanner Protecting Health Strategy for more responsibility for our future.

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