Medical technology and diagnostics

In our modern and GMP-compliant production units in Europe and Asia, we produce individual hard plastic components and consumables for medical and diagnostic products for our customers.

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As a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), we have internalized compliance with all regulatory requirements, design for manufacturing right from the start, as well as high-class project management with a standardized and norm-compliant stage-gate process.

  • Design expertise and an improved production flow through technology competence
  • Risk minimization through standard-compliant processes and regular risk analysis
  • Product safety through manufacturing know-how and the integration of desiccants
  • Optimized time-to-market & reliable timelines through a standardized project management
  • Technology transfer, post-sales services and a stable business environment

Design expertise and an improved production flow of your medical device through technological competence

With our in-house design development, we can optimize your device or diagnostic product for better workability and a lower susceptibility to complaints. Ideal fit and tightness of the parts are basic requirements for us, based on decades of experience. Here, our own tool technology supports the optimal selection of raw materials to be used as well as the production design of the injection molding tools. Our industrial engineering develops a project-related individual concept for an ideal production flow and the latest manufacturing technology.

Sanner manufactures in precision injection molding in the low tolerance range as well as in multi-component injection molding.

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Risk minimization in the manufacturing of medical devices and components

We meet all regulatory requirements for medical technology and have established risk management along the entire process. We manufacture GMP (FDA) - and MDR-compliant and are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15378. All equipment and processes are qualified and validated according to current standards. An established "Production-Process-Maintenance" concept as well as back-up concepts through our other production sites offer you additional security in the manufacture of your diagnostic product or consumables.

Sanner as your CDMO

Product safety through manufacturing know-how and the integration of desiccants

Sanner offers class 8 clean room production as well as a high degree of automation and in-process controls for the manufacture of your medical technology or diagnostics product. We support you in developing the sterilization concept and offer efficient assembly of medical technology components, including multi-part systems, through to box-built logistics. We have been delivering consistently high quality in large quantities for decades.

Added to this is our more than 70 years of expertise in the filling and integration of desiccants.

These are adapted to the requirements of the respective device and the individual components in order to create an optimized and stable humidity climate within the packaging. Integrated into our holistic manufacturing process, we also dose granulates of various filling media down to a 0.01g range.

We have bundled our decades of know-how and the well-known Sanner quality in a comprehensive service and determine the ideal amount and type of desiccant for you depending on the amount of content, climatic filling and sales conditions and the packaged product itself.

The Sanner Advance with Agility™ program makes ideal pharmaceutical product protection simple


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Optimized time-to-market & reliable timelines through a standardized project management

Reliable schedules through standardized processes and open communication are just as important as optimized packaging design through design for manufacturing right from the start. This not only increases usability for the end user and improves the assembly of the plastic components of your device in production, but also enables fast and optimal industrialization of your medical device or diagnostic product.

For this purpose, we have a defined stage-gate process, the Sanner IDP Process®, which transparently shows you the current status of your medical and diagnostic product development and thus clearly minimizes the risk. The IDP Process® is individually adapted to your project, and we also work with a close network of experts who are in constant communication.

This applies both to the area of ​​contract manufacturing and to the development of customer-specific solutions.

Idea – Design – Product


The Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and made-to-order production.

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Technology transfer, post-sales services for your device and a stable business environment

Long-term global supplier relationships and several production sites worldwide with the same design enable an optimal back-up strategy and reduce the risk of failure. The global presence also enables global customers to realize a technology transfer, for example from Europe to Asia.

Continuous production and cost optimizations during the product life cycle are also part of our standard. An established company with a long-term strategic orientation makes Sanner the ideal partner for the manufacture of medical and diagnostic products.