Cannabis packaging

Sanner offers you extensive solutions from the Sanner portfolio for cannabis packaging

Sanner Envelope
  • Plastic bottles and screw caps
  • Plastic tubes with snap closures
  • Childproof solutions

Cannabis packaging from the experts in pharmaceutical primary packaging

Our packaging solutions are manufactured under GMP-compliant and ISO-certified production conditions. As one of the market leaders for pharmaceutical packaging and an expert in desiccant packaging, we are known for reliable moisture protection and the highest degree of tightness in our container closure solutions.

Ideal conditions for packaging your cannabis products with our bottle cap or tube cap system packaging. With products from Sanner, you benefit from many years of experience in the packaging of food supplements and pharmaceutical products. All of our products are BPA-free, FDA "safe for food contact" and are recyclable for minimal waste production.

Plastic bottles, tubes and child resistant packaging systems for medicinal cannabis

We offer a wide variety of solutions that are also suitable for cannabis packaging, such as plastic bottles (45 - 150ml) with screw caps, also with child-resistant push-turn caps.

Sanner has plastic tubes and matching guarantee seals for cannabis tablets, cannabis gel capsules or cannabis lozenges or even cannabis chewing gum in its portfolio. These are also suitable as secondary packaging for glass ampoules or syringes that are particularly vulnerable to breakage.

Our new child-resistant packaging solution TabTec® CR (Child Resistant) has a user-friendly modern packaging design for cannabis tablets.

On the one hand, it ensures the freshness and longevity of the packaged cannabis product, and on the other hand, the packaging impresses with a modern dispenser function. The new child-proof Press & Flip mechanism makes the TabTec®CR easy to use for adults but safe for children due to the opposing operating mechanisms.

As the ideal to-go packaging, your customers are sure to be happy to take this packaging with them. It is also ideal as a first give-away for new customers.

Increase your brand awareness with a unique cannabis packaging for tablets or capsules

All of our cannabis product packaging can be labeled or custom printed. Give your cannabis product a unique touch in order to achieve higher customer loyalty and differentiation in the market or point-of-sale. You also have the option of using integrated QR codes or brochure labels to provide your customers with additional useful information about the product or your company, another differentiator from the competition.

Our product designers and engineering experts would also be happy to develop your individual cannabis packaging for you. Talk to us! We work with standardized processes according to the norm.

Idea – Design – Product


The Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and made-to-order production.

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Keep the freshness and aroma in your cannabis packaging

We offer matching closures for all our cannabis bottles, containers and cannabis tubes. The excellent tightness is achieved through the use of two different materials, which ensure a 100% fit. This keeps the smell in the packaging and the freshness of your product.

Sanner is the pioneer in desiccant packaging and therefore offers several options for the ideal desiccant solution.

Keep UV light away from your cannabis products

On request, we can produce our cannabis containers or cannabis tubes and the closures from black plastic. These block harmful UV rays to a much greater extent and require optimal storage conditions and a longer shelf life. The bottles are of course also available in transparent materials.

Find the ideal packaging for your medicinal cannabis product

We'll help you choose the right packaging for your needs.

As a cannabis product manufacturer, it is important to increase brand awareness and deliver the highest quality. Regardless of whether you sell medicinal cannabis or recreational cannabis, you need packaging that optimally protects your product, extends its shelf life and communicates the benefits of your cannabis product.

Our packaging experts will be happy to advise you on which packaging is best suited to your needs. Together we will find the ideal packaging solution and create a design that will help you stand out from the crowd.

We offer packaging solutions for:

  • Cannabis tablets
  • Cannabis gel capsules
  • Cannabis Lozenges or Cannabis Chewing Gums

    Our packaging range includes:

    • Cannabis containers or bottles made of plastic (45 - 150ml)
    • Plastic cannabis tube packaging
    • Matching guarantee seals
    • Childproof packaging
    • Customized packaging solutions

    We support you in choosing the right packaging and the right design.


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