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A holistic process for customized solutions

The ideal packaging solution in six steps

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Regulatory Affairs

The underestimated role of primary packaging

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Primary desiccant packaging

No chance for moisture and odors in pharmaceutical packaging

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Holistic approach to individual packaging solutions

Six steps to the ideal child-proof packaging

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Bio-based packaging

Heading towards greater sustainablity

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Effervescent packaging for best-agers

Quickly opened, safely closed

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Medical Cannabis

Seit dem März 2017 ist in Deutschland Cannabis wieder als Medizin zugelassen. Wir versuchen in dem Podcast den Weg des Cannabis zu erklären und die Kurzfassung lautet: Es wird genutzt, es wird verboten und es wird wieder entdeckt. In dieser "Wiederentdeckungsphase" befinden wir uns momentan. Wie kam es dazu, dass Cannabis als rein-ausschließliche "Droge" deklariert wurde & wieso war diese Einschätzung falsch?

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Is Child Safe Really Child Safe? What does child-resistant packaging actually mean?

Every year in Europe, around 3000 children die from accidental poisoning. In the United States, approximately 300 children are treated for emergency poisoning every day. Ulla Hahn, Head of Product Management, and Benjamin Stöckmann, BDM E-Marketing, will try to shed some light on which features are making a packaging child-safe, on what you should focus and whether child-safe is really safe for children. How does the certification process work and, above all, how do you manage the balancing act between child-proof and, at the same time, user-friendly packaging, especially for older patients.

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Unpacking bioplastics for food supplement brands - a Vitafoods Insights Podcast

Plastic remains the packaging material of choice across the food and nutrition industry thanks to its cost effective, shelf stable, durable and variable associations. However, huge carbon footprints and waste challenges throughout the plastic lifecycle have put pressure on multiple industries to consider packaging alternatives that work toward overcoming the climate and environmental crisis. In this Vitafoods Insights podcast, Ulla Hahn of Sannerand Charlotte Bastiaanse of Vitafoods Insights discuss sustainable packaging for nutraceutical brands and provides a framework of the bioplastic opportunity.

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From Plant to Plastik! Is this the future of pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging?

Get to know in our Podcast what biobased plastics are and how they distinguish from biodegradable plastics. What about CO2 emissions and recycling. Ulla Hahn and Benjamin Stöckmann from Sanner gives you a 25 minute inside in the future of plastics packaging for the pharma and healthcare industry.

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