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In the Sanner webinars we give background information on products, services and development issues. For each webinar there is at least an English version for our international customer basis, for some there might be a German version as well.

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QbD-based predictive modeling pharma packaging - the shift due to the pandemic

The President of Sanner of America Inc. Adrian Possumato talks about the Sanner approach to target the US market, shifts in the Supply Chain due to the pandemic and the international changes and Sanners´ world-famous desiccant approach. Listen to this 20 minutes Q&A session of Adrian and Benjamin & feel free to contact us if you have questions, thoughts or need more information of one of discussed topics..

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Safeguarding an assembly workbench for medical devices using VR - from process planning to the real application

Faster workplace design and higher manufacturing competence thanks to virtual reality: The Sanner Group, a leading global supplier of high-quality intelligent packaging solutions and components for the medtech, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries, is using VR-optimized assembly processes for the production of complex customer projects. Thanks to VR goggles, Sanner is able to virtually examine its own assembly production processes in advance and can thus optimize assembly in a resource-saving and efficient manner.

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Desiccants in pharma packaging and why plastics competence is also essential?

The protection of drugs is Sanner‘s primary goal for more than 100 years. Learn in this webinar why packaging cannot be treated as an isolated system. It is always subject to diverse influences. This is above all the drug itself but also external factors such as temperature, humidity etc. This Webinar shows at a packaging development project why desiccants in pharma packaging are important but why plastics competence is definately also essential. Furthermore you get a profound insight how optimization steps influence the effectiveness of a packaging and you will see that only mastery of both disciplines will lead to success.

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Sustainable Packaging

Sanner knows that the times right now are rough and there will be (minor to sever) changes in the way we are living. These times make change possible! The consumption of nutritional supplements and medicines has risen over 82% in the past weeks of the pandemic and so did the waste we produced. That´s why our Director of R&D Mr. Peik-Christian Witte wanted to introduce you to the topic of “Sustainable Packaging”. In this Webinar we wanted to introduce you to sustainability challenges, bioplastics and their application in practice.

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How to protect your drug(s) properly

You have invested millions in the development of a new drug. You have achieved the desired effectiveness and now? There is the final challenge of finding the right packaging.

First of all - the packaging has to fit in size and opening mechanism. But what are the influences that could jeopardize the effectiveness of your drug? The new Sanner Webinar: "How to protect your drug properly!" gives answers and shows what influencing factors like moisture, uv-light, oxygen and many others you have to consider and how to approach them. For those challenges Sanner developed the Sanner Atmo Guard System® and even perfectionated this approach through the last years to give your product the final touch for a safe, timely and cost-efficient market launch.

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