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Compliance Management System

The Compliance Management System (CMS) implemented at Sanner is intended to ensure compliance with legal regulations and Sanner internal regulations and to detect and prevent risks for rule violations in good time.

It consists of the classic three-pillar Prevention-Detection-Response model, a compliance organisation responsible for implementation, the Sanner Code of Conduct, including derived compliance regulations and measures, and a whistleblower system.

Code of Conduct

The core of the CMS is the Sanner Code of Conduct, which is a binding guideline for the professional daily routine for all managers and employees.

The Code of Conduct is divided into the following sections:

  • Our responsibility in our interactions with each other
  • Our responsibility towards others
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Our responsibility as a business partner
  • Information responsibility
  • Compliance responsibility

You can view and download the full text of the Sanner Code of Conduct here

You can find the Code of Conduct for suppliers here

Whistleblowing System 

The Sanner Code of Conduct helps us make the right decisions in business environments by providing us with the information we need to identify critical situations and know where to find support or help.

In order to remedy deficiencies immediately and effectively prevent damage to Sanner or our employees and business partners, we rely on the immediate reporting of potential (legal) violations.

The Sanner Whistleblower System is available for this purpose. In the event of suspicions that employees have possibly committed compliance violations against laws, the Sanner Code of Conduct or Sanner internal regulations in connection with their employment or third parties, employees, business partners and other third parties can report these while maintaining confidentiality. Tips can also be reported directly to Sanner via the following email address:

Further information on the whisteblower system can be found here.