The world-famous Sanner DASG-1

Desiccant packaging for dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and probiotics

Sanner offers a variety of different closures with desiccants, which turn your packaging into a complete system with ideal moisture protection to achieve the desired shelf life.

Sanner Envelope
  • Desiccant caps and plastic bottles
  • Desiccant caps and plastic tubes
  • Desiccant closures for glass bottles
  • Desiccant caps for aluminum tubes

Also note our desiccant capsules and desiccant sachets for effective moisture protection for nutraceuticals and probiotics

Desiccant closures for plastic bottles

Sanner offers a variety of plastic bottles with screw caps, also with child-resistant functions and tamper evidence. The materials used are approved for pharmaceutical packaging, have excellent barrier properties and are also ideal as desiccant packaging for probiotics thanks to the integrated moisture absorber. Thanks to their proven tightness, these containers ensure good moisture regulation in the packaging. In addition to our standard offer, you can also get tailor-made solutions from us.

Are you looking for an individual packaging size?

Desiccant caps and plastic tubes

Sanner offers you the most comprehensive portfolio of desiccant caps with matching tubes in a wide variety of designs worldwide.

The integrated moisture adsorbers Silica Gel or Molecular Sieve make it a complete desiccant packaging. Thanks to the Sanner hard-soft principle between the tube and the cap, the container is optimally sealed. Both ensure the ideal product protection against moisture and thus the desired shelf life. This means that these desiccant packs are also particularly suitable for probiotics.

Which includes:

  • Sizes from Ø 18mm to 35mm
  • Closures with/without guarantee function
  • Closures with/without spacers as spirals or bellows, beehive or dragee wreath closures are individually possible
  • User-friendly flip-top closures

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® for ideal product protection

Moisture penetrating the packaging can cause tablets, coated tablets and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, lose their effectiveness or color or even develop undesirable odors.

Desiccants and activated carbon prevent these problems and ensure product safety from the first to the last tablet. Our packaging with system is characterized by high tightness and ideal desiccant integration. In addition, we have bundled our decades of know-how and the well-known Sanner quality in a comprehensive service and determine the ideal amount and type of desiccant for you depending on the content of the packaged product, your filling conditions and the climate zone in your sales market.

The Sanner Advance with Agility™ program makes ideal pharmaceutical product protection simple


Learn more about moisture management for optimized product stability

Desiccant closures for glass bottles and aluminum tubes

Sanner desiccant closures are combined with glass bottles from leading European manufacturers of pharmaceutical glass packaging to form a complete packaging system. The integrated desiccants, such as Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve moisture adsorbers, ensure your products are optimally protected.

We also offer you suitable aluminum tubes for our closures with desiccant, which are practically airtight, lightproof and unbreakable and are particularly suitable for sensitive nutraceuticals or probiotics.