Desiccant closures and glass bottles

Sanner Envelope

The special desiccant closures from Sanner are combined with glass bottles from leading European manufacturers of pharmaceutical glass packaging to form a complete packaging system.

The integrated moisture absorbers ensure that your products are optimally protected. Almost all closures are offered in two versions, with and without bellows. A range of screw caps for glass bottles rounds off the portfolio.

Name Type Sealing diameter Closure
G-8 Closure 18.2 mm
FG-8 Closure 18.2 mm
DEFG-8 Closure 18.2 mm
G-7 Closure 20.7 mm
FG-7 Closure 20.7 mm
DG-7 Closure 20,7 mm
DEFG-7 Closure 20.7 mm
G-15 Closure 29.5 mm
FG-15 Closure 29.5 mm
DG-15 Closure 29.5 mm
DEFG-15 Closure 29.5 mm
Screw cap 28 mm Closure 29.6 mm
Screw cap 35 mm Closure 26.8 mm