Sanner IDP Process®

Sanner developed its Idea-Design-Product (IDP) Process to streamline every step of the medical device design process, maintain flexibility and de-risk critical activities. The results are high-quality, manufacturable products that meet CDMO customer needs. 

Sanner Envelope

Medical Device Development with the Sanner IDEA-DESIGN-PRODUCT Process® (IDP)

  1. Concept, Design & Development
  2. Prototyping
  3. Integrated Industrialization Process 
  4. Commercialization
  5. Life-Cycle Management

Sanner Stage-Gate-Process: Concept and Design

Taking a great idea and turning it into a reality is what Sanner has done for over a century. Sanner’s CDMO design team takes the time to fully understand the user’s needs and requirements before starting to develop the device concept.  We consider the feasibility of potential design approaches in combination with human factor assessments and the required industrial design parameters to arrive at the right concept.  

Once concept feasibility is established our team of medical device and manufacturing experts start the design process, always considering the future scale up and manufacturing. We can comprehensively carry out our contract device design and development process using integrated prototyping, testing and evaluation plans to minimize timelines while achieving the desired outcomes.  

Our approach uses “design for manufacture” and “design for assembly” in parallel to arrive at a truly manufacturable product.  Sanner’s stage-gate-process (Sanner IDP-Process®) also considers primary and secondary design implications and prepares the project for seamless design transfer to industrialization and commercial-scale manufacturing. Our engineers design new products from their inception with their scaled manufacturability in mind.

Sanner Stage-Gate-Process: Development


Prototyping is a critical activity at Sanner that demonstrates the design and function of the device in both virtual and the physical worlds. 3D printing capabilities allow Sanner to rapidly produce full LFS/SLA and FDM printed components. The advanced Flexible Change Mold System with additive manufactured tool inserts, combined with superior Babyplast prototyping technologies, provide the in-house options needed to quickly produce samples made of final material. Using mold flow simulation software beforehand, means Sanner de-risks the final molding process. Having various prototyping options available at Sanner allows our experienced engineers to use the most appropriate and successful method to prepare samples for clinical trials and to deliver a scalable contract device design for industrialization.

Integrated Industrialization Process

Sanner offers world-class molding technologies using a variety of plastic materials. With highly precise fully electric thermoplastic injection and multi-component molding options, Sanner can develop and mold a wide range of components to fit device needs. Sanner’s decades of experience in injection molding means that we can conceptualize, optimize, and provide tool technology for virtually any design requirements. 

Our assembly and automation engineers use cutting edge tools like Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate automated mechatronic assembly processes all the way through to small scale hand assembly to bring the customer product to life.  Sanner can complete the assembly industrialization process using in-house capabilities including granule dosing/filling, sealing/US welding, siliconization and decoration steps.








Commercialization with Sanner

Having moved your device through our design, development, and industrialization steps, Sanner’s CDMO services can help to fully commercialize your medical device. Sanner can support product sterilization requirements, by a variety of methods including Ethylene Oxide (ETO), radiation or autoclaving, through qualified partner organizations. Sanner is your complete device CDMO, that can even support your optimized supply chain management, and Box-Build Logistics requirements.

Life-Cycle Management

Not only do Sanner’s device development CDMO services provide an integrated design, development, and industrialization solution for contract customers with new products, but our experts can also support life-cycle management opportunities. Our lifecycle management services include product extensions/variants, product optimizations and continuous improvement initiatives for quality and cost-savings. These services can help customers to extend the life of and grow demand for their mature products. 

Sanner IDP Process® for Integrated CDMO Services

Sanner’s CDMO business takes an integrated approach to every client project. The Sanner Idea-Design-Product Process® can help to advance the development and manufacturing of your valuable device or product. We use modern technologies for prototyping, mold conceptualization, manufacturing, and automation approaches that de-risk and streamline the project.  

At Sanner, we apply our IDP Process® with flexibility, uniquely customized to each customer’s project, maximizing efficiency with a shorter time to market. We turn your great idea into a reality with our innovative IDP Process®.