With decades of production experience in injection molding, we supply plastic primary packaging for solid pharmaceuticals and single-dose primary packaging for liquid medicines

Primary packaging for solid pharmaceuticals with integrated desiccant

Sanner is your proven leading supplier of injection molded pharmaceutical packaging solutions with integrated desiccant technology:
  > 70 years of experience in injection molding with the highest quality standards
  > 60 years of experience in desiccant integration with pharmaceutical packaging
Sanner delivers high-quality pharmaceutical packaging that incorporate the moisture management solutions your solid dose pharmaceutical product requires.

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Our product range includes:


Our solid dose pharma packaging solutions are available with optimized moisture management desiccant options including:

  • Plastic bottles with desiccant screw cap or snap closures

  • Plastic tubes with desiccant snap-on or flip-top closures

  • Desiccant closures for glass bottles and aluminum tubes

  • TabTec® CR – novel child-proof desiccated tablet dispenser packaging

Pharmaceutical plastic bottles and screw or snap-on caps with integrated desiccant

Sanner offers container closure options that provide moisture management solutions for today’s solid pharmaceuticals. Our primary packaging containers for solids are produced with precision injection molding that result in the tight-fitting accuracy with the appropriate screw or snap-on caps. This reduces the potential moisture entry or water vapor transmission rate into the primary packaging system, but the integration of desiccants can further enhance solid dose moisture control and maximize product shelf life. The integration of desiccants into the container closure itself saves space for product and canisters and packets don’t have to be added. Sanner pharmaceutical packaging with integrated desiccant closure systems can provide optimized moisture protection for tablets, capsules, and coated tablets.

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TabTec® CR pill dispenser with child safety closure feature

The TabTec® CR is a childproof solid dose pharmaceutical packaging solution with a new and patented child-resistant safety closure feature. The Press & Flip closure mechanism prevents accidental opening by a child. The certified childproof packaging meets regulatory requirements including ISO 8317 (2015), PPPA 16 CFR Part 1700.20 and is listed in the DMF.

Our unique TabTec® CR pill dispensers come in range of colors for brand differentiation and with its integrated desiccant, provides robust protection against both moisture and light. The integrated pour-mouth opening allows for easy and hygienic dosing of solid dose medicines such as tablets. The special closure mechanism of the TabTec® CR is both child-resistant and senior-friendly in function, providing added protection for virtually all consumers. The child-resistant properties of competing child-proof blister packs are not always obvious to users. The child-proof nature of Sanner’s TabTec® CR is made obvious to users as it requires two hands to open the safety closure.

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Plastic tubes with snap-on or flip-top closures and integrated desiccant

Sanner’s portfolio of plastic tubes and closures with integrated desiccant are approved for primary packaging of solid pharmaceuticals and have demonstrated excellent barrier properties. Thanks to tightness and integrated desiccant protection, these plastic pharmaceutical primary packaging systems are an ideal moisture management solution for solid dose tablet products. The desiccant always remains in the cap so there is no direct contact with the medication, and no dust is formed, contributing to enhanced patient safety. Sanner offers you one of the largest product ranges of plastic tubes and matching desiccant closures for solid pharmaceutical products available anywhere.

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The Sanner Advance with Agility™ program for optimized moisture management

With over 75 years of experience in moisture management, Sanner has assisted manufacturers of healthcare products to quickly resolve stability problems and meet shelf-life goals around the globe. Coordinated with all applicable stakeholders, Advance with Agility allows you to quickly determine solutions to drug stability problems, designate or design a moisture management option, and allow for turnkey dispensing in commercial packaging operations. Engaging Sanner early can improve stability for new healthcare products, get your customized solution realized, minimize supply chain risks for current products, and reduce your time to market. Sanner makes your early commercial success possible.

The Sanner Advance with Agility™ program makes ideal pharmaceutical product protection simple


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Desiccant packaging closures for glass bottles and aluminum tubes

Sanner combines its high-quality desiccant closures with pharmaceutical-grade glass bottles produced by leading European glass packaging manufacturers to form complete solid dose pharmaceutical packaging systems with effective moisture management properties. Our integrated moisture absorbing closures are designed to provide optimized moisture protection as part of the solid dose pharmaceutical product’s primary packaging system.

Sanner also offers aluminum tubes fitting our closures with integrated desiccant for a practically airtight, lightproof, and unbreakable primary packaging system particularly suitable for moisture and air sensitive solid dose medicines.