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Sustainability as a whole at Sanner


In the Sanner Group, we follow a holistic approach to protecting people and natural resources according to our ESG guidelines.

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Our approach

In the Sanner Group, we have been actively involved with the topic of sustainability, the environment, social interaction and long-term corporate management for many years. This is also expressed in our claim: "Protecting Health". This has always been a matter of course for the Sanner family and this topic is also very important to our new shareholder GHO Capital. The topic of sustainability is part of the central corporate strategy with the sustainability mission statement and the strategic goals contained therein.

Our Major ESG goals

  • CO2 reduction at all production sites
  • usage of more alternative energy supply 
  • Increased recyclability of our products
  • Promotion of equality in the company
  • Active promotion of diversity
  • Providing the framework of governance 
  • Working in regardance of CoC
  • leave a better world behind



Responsible management

The company management has the main task of leading the company into the future, and every day and every step counts. We rely on fair and equitable dealings with each other and along our value chain.

The employees at the management level act as role models and thus create the framework conditions for this action, which also includes reducing the ecological footprint.

Ready for the Future with the right employees

It is the people who make our company a diverse, valuable and resilient company.

Our company is only as good as our employees.

We know that real corporate social responsibility in the 21st century is only credible and lasting if equal opportunities and development opportunities are anchored in our employee policies.

Sustainable product strategy

A future-proof and sustainable product portfolio as well as the development of customer-specific products under this model in the consumer healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical market categories is essential for the successful further development of the Sanner Group.

Our goal is the further development of the Sanner product portfolio with a focus on "more sustainability" with high customer and consumer acceptance. We apply the same standards when developing customer-specific medical technology products. Specifically, we therefore focus on 3 core elements:

  • Conservation of resources - reduce use of materials

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases – use of alternative materials

  • Promotion of the circular economy

Efficient production applications

Sustainable production and sustainable building management have been an integral part of corporate development for decades. Sanner GmbH has been certified according to the energy management standard ISO 50001 since 2015 and thus set the course for sustainable and resource-saving production at an early stage. We will continue on this path and reduce our CO2 emissions worldwide.

This means the expansion of energy management in all production sites. In addition, we promote the modernization of buildings and machines for greater efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Find out how Sanner´s new state-of-the-art-facility will look

Fair purchasing and logistics principles

Sustainability is one of the most important prerequisites for long-term and profitable growth at Sanner. The purchase of goods and services is always at the beginning of the value chain. Therefore, our efforts are based on keeping the impact on the environment in the procurement of raw materials, logistics, packaging materials, as well as indirect goods and services as low as possible. Not only factors such as price, availability and quality are of great importance, but also comprehensive compliance with environmental and labor laws, as well as human rights and social standards.

To this end, we are creating more and more transparency along our value chains. In addition to long-term business relationships, which are characterized by appreciation and cooperation, we are always on the lookout for alternative procurement goods that constantly reduce the environmental impact.

More about the Sanner Group - Code of Conduct of the Sanner Group

The Code of Conduct of the Sanner Group defines how management, executives and each individual employee behave within the company and externally in everyday business.

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