Sanner offers CDMO services for a range of MedTech applications including medical devices, digital health solutions, drug delivery automation or any injection molded componen

MedTech Devices

Sanner offers CDMO services for a range of MedTech applications including medical devices, digital health solutions, drug delivery automation or any injection molded component applied to devices  that improves patient care. 

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MedTech Devices and Sanner CDMO

  • Wide Range of MedTech Devices
  • Flexible MedTech Design & Development
  • Sanner MedTech Quality

Wide range of MedTech Devices

Sanner has a history of designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of MedTech devices. From simple product containers to complex drug delivery or digital health monitoring devices, Sanner can design and develop MedTech applications that are manufacturable and functional. Connectivity is a growing requirement for many of today’s devices as they can provide advantages for healthcare professionals (HCP)s and improved outcomes for patients. Digital connectivity can allow HCPs to remotely monitor patient conditions or improve patient compliance with  therapeutic regimens. Because digital MedTech devices vary in form and function greatly, Sanner’s custom CDMO capabilities can integrate virtually any digital technology into the device design, ensuring it will be manufacturable and functional for the user. With Electro-static Discharge (ESD) manufacturing capabilities Sanner can safely produce and assemble MedTech devices built with Sanner’s custom precision injection molded components. 

Flexible MedTech Design and Development

Sanner’s in-house design and development capabilities optimize MedTech devices for functionality and ease of use by patients. Because of our decades of experience in precision injection molding services, Sanner is able to design components that provide fit, function, and manufacturability. MedTech devices can present varied and unique design requirements for many different uses or applications,  and Sanner is positioned to solve them including specialized solutions to complex sealing challenges. Material selection can be critical in the design of MedTech devices, particularly important for those with direct contact with the product or patient. Sanner can concept your latest MedTech device to seamlessly integrate digital technologies into the device design for improved functionality, compliance, and patient outcomes. Digital technologies can include everything from simple dose counters to fully programmable autoinjector devices with internet connectivity for remote monitoring. Let Sanner’s experienced CDMO team, develop and manufacture your next connected MedTech device.

Sanner MedTech Quality

We build quality into every device we design and manufacture for our CDMO customers. Sanner has invested heavily in building a global network of high-quality sites that offer 100% traceability, GMP compliance, ISO Class 7 & Class 8 clean rooms, and grey manufacturing spaces ensuring that our CDMO customer’s MedTech devices are made under optimized conditions. Sanner can integrate electronic elements into custom MedTech device designs and assemble them in our electro-static discharge (ESD) workspaces. With low medical packaging complaint rates across our network, we use our ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 15378 certified facilities to provide a secure supply of advanced MedTech devices for our CDMO customers.

A full service CDMO for MedTech applications

Sanner has a history of successfully designing, developing, and manufacturing a range of MedTech devices for our customers. We support global customers with custom MedTech device manufacturing through our network of high-quality European and Asian sites. Our industry leading expertise in injection molding science combined with our ability to seamlessly integrate the latest digital connectivity technologies makes us an ideal CDMO for your next MedTech device. Having decades of regulatory experience in MedTech device filings, DMFs and specialized MedTech regulatory requirements, Sanner is uniquely positioned to provide customers with complete CDMO services.