Sanner offers you packaging for test strips for blood glucose measurement with integrated desiccant, for optimal protection and for maintaining the functionality of the test strip.

Desiccated Test strip packaging from Sanner - Tested and proven over a million times

Glucose self-measurement is an important prerequisite for controlling diabetes. Sanner offers you desiccated packaging options for blood glucose measurement test strips. For optimal protection that  maintains the functionality of your test strips with integrated desiccants.

Sanner Envelope

Our integrated test strip packaging desiccant portfolio includes:

  • Desiccant caps and tubes for blood glucose test strips
  • Desiccant caps and tubes for all other types of test strips

Sanner is the number one supplier of test strip packaging for blood glucose monitoring in Asia

Sanner supplies in-vitro diagnostics customers around the world with tubes and desiccant closures designed for the packaging of blood glucose measurement test strips. Features include:

  • User-friendly flip-top test strip packaging
  • White and black plastic tubes of different sizes
  • Matching caps with integrated desiccant

Safe and hygienic desiccant closures and tubes for blood glucose test strips

Sanner desiccant caps and tubes offer test strips optimal moisture protection, keeping them dry so they are always ready for the next test.

Disposable blood glucose strips are coated with a biological enzyme and used in conjunction with a diabetes testing device. Blood glucose measurement is a critical step in the monitoring and management of diabetes by patients.

Sanner plastic primary packaging tubes and closures offer excellent barrier properties against the ingress moisture, bacteria, gases and other environmental contaminants that could impact the test strips results.

Our tube caps with integrated desiccant are designed to absorb moisture that find its way into the packaging such as through ambient humidity. Any moisture in the packaging can damage the unused test strips, making their test results inaccurate. That’s why Sanner’s test strip packaging with integrated desiccant is so important for test accuracy and patient health.  

High quality packaging for blood glucose test strips is not a question of price

Whether custom desiccated test strip packaging or standard product packaging solutions from our catalogue, we offer customers a competitive price to performance ratio. This allows our test strip packaging to be used globally, including in price-sensitive markets.

Our user-friendly test strip packaging with flip-top closure can contribute to safe and hygienic handling of your sensitive test strips, with intuitive opening and closing.


When getting the right results matter  - Sanner test strip packaging

The need for accurate and real-time medical diagnoses in emergency situations, sometimes far from hospital facilities, has made so-called "point-of-care diagnostics" an extremely important area of ​​medical analysis. Being able to reliably deliver real-time test results for critical diagnosis can save  significant time and make the medical treatment process more efficient.

The use of electronic testing technology together with special polymer substrate has made simple and rapid miniaturized analysis kits a reality. The main applications for this technology are the analysis of a range of blood tests, including blood sugar (blood sugar strips or glucose monitoring), as well as testing by other microfluidic analysis or in vitro analysis in specialized laboratories (diagnostic IVD).

The Sanner Advance with Agility™ program for optimized product stability

Moisture penetrating the test strip packaging can mean reduce your confidence in the test results they deliver.

The integration of desiccants into pharmaceutical plastic primary packaging prevents can reduce the risk caused by moisture contamination of test strips and supports product safety from the first test strip to the last.

All of our desiccated test strip packaging has been tested according to the Sanner Atmo Guard System® which is part of our Advance with Agility™ program of predictive modeling for optimized product stability, custom or standard packaging solutions and unparalleled quality for efficient packaging operations.

The Sanner Advance with Agility™ program makes ideal pharmaceutical product protection simple


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