Sanner design and development services can support your product’s unique life-cycle management requirements

Medical Device Life-Cycle Management

Sanner design and development services can support your product’s unique life-cycle management requirements throughout its marketed life.  We bring leading-edge device development, manufacturing, and quality control to every customer product.

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Life-Cycle Management CDMO Services

  • Product Extensions & Variants
  • Product Optimization
  • Cost Savings & Process Improvements
  • Product Repurposing

Product Extensions & Variants with Sanner CDMO

Sanner can support a range of medical device or primary packaging extensions and variants to support your product’s lifecycle needs. Whether the product change is deemed substantial or non-substantial by regulators, Sanner’s CDMO team can support customers through the process.

Product extensions or variants can have a significant impact on sales, functionality, and product differentiation.

Sanner has the experience and technical capabilities to meet virtually any need for device extensions or variations.

CDMO Product Optimizations

Making your existing product better, doesn’t have to be difficult. With Sanner CDMO services, we can provide comprehensive device design and development services, for technical process improvements, human factors study driven modifications, or simply to update existing products.

We help our contract customers through the regulatory aspects of making changes and ensure that our development process leads to a manufacturable and robust medical or diagnostic device under a fully documented change control process.

Cost Savings and Process Improvements

Sanner’s design and development services can support the optimization of your device for quality, manufacturability, or cost saving reasons. Our highly experienced device development teams work directly with you to identify strategic cost saving opportunities that maintain the device’s performance and functionality.  We apply any such process improvements to production under a well-documented change control process.  Integrated continuous improvement opportunities are identified and applied across all functions including automation, tooling, and molding operations. 

Product Repurposing with Sanner CDMO

Repurposing an existing drug into a drug-device combination product, can be challenging.

Sanner can support CDMO customers through the design and development of custom devices that are fully optimized for the intended purpose and provide an improved patient experience.

Whether it’s for a new indication, new drug delivery method or differentiating the product in a crowded market, repurposing to a drug delivery device can be an attractive option.

Sanner’s CDMO team can take your existing product and develop a drug delivery device that is ideal for your new drug repurposing plan. 

Sanner Project Insights as device CDMO

Our project insights provide examples of process improvements and cost savings that Sanner has realized as a next generation device CDMO. Product extensions, variants, and product repourposing can be achieved with Sanner CDMO services .

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