With decades of production experience in injection molding, we supply plastic primary packaging for solid pharmaceuticals and single-dose primary packaging for liquid medicines

Sanner Customized Solutions – Pharma Packaging

Sanner’s engineering capabilities and expertise in pharma primary packaging design and production can make your unique drug packaging requirements for solids and liquids a reality. Sanner is an expert in the development and manufacture of customized pharmaceutical packaging for solids and liquids, with integrated desiccant options for enhanced drug protection.

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Sanner custom packaging solutions include:

  • Active packaging for solid pharmaceuticals 
  • Childproof packaging
  • Liquid product packaging including single use

Customized active primary pharma packaging for solid drugs 

Does your tablet or capsule require custom packaging that provides product protection and accommodates human factors? Sanner offers proven expertise in the development of customized active packaging solutions and capacity for efficient contract manufacturing.

We utilize a design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) approach from the very beginning of every custom packaging design process. Sanner can improve the product usability through design and realize plastic packaging production efficiencies through the manufacturing and assembly steps. The net result is quick commercialization of your optimized custom packaging solution, even when they require drop-in moisture protection from desiccant canisters and packets.  

Learn more about Sanner’s moisture management with the Advance with Agility™ program

Desiccant FAQs

Advance with Agility™ program

Customized solutions for medical cannabis & CBD

Are you looking for a specialized packaging for your medical cannabis or CBD products? Want to differentiate your products with integrated functionality and an improved customer experience?

Sanner’s experienced product designers and engineers use their innovative expertise to develop unique custom packaging solutions for today’s cannabis and CBD products.  

Our new TabTec® CR child resistant tablet dispenser offers a user-friendly modern packaging design with safety features ideal for cannabis product applications. Connect with Sanner for more information on how we can create a custom cannabis packaging solution for your next product.

Sanner IDP-Process® - The process for customized solutions

The Sanner IDP Process combines our integrated primary pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery device development programs with our Atmo Guard System® moisture management system into a single efficient process. This stage-gate process is called the Sanner IDP Process® and can deliver product stability solutions through industry-leading custom primary packaging designs with built-in desiccant options. This flexible process can help to accelerate and derisk pharmaceutical packaging development.  

Sanner offers a number of prototyping approaches that can optimize timelines and improve quality, including 3D printing or additive tool inserts.  Used in combination with a Babyplast injection molding technology, under our IDP Process we are capable of developing and producing optimized customized pilot series packaging solutions.

Differentiation with childproof pharmaceutical packaging

Despite offering a portfolio of ready to use child-resistant packaging options including bottles with push-turn closures and the innovative TabTec® CR child-resistant tablet dispenser, we can also develop custom child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging designs specific to your unique requirements. Sanner brings the added benefit of being able to provide integrated desiccant solutions that can improve drug protection and enhance product shelf-life through custom packaging design. We work with testing reputable institutes to get your product ISO 8317 (2015) and PPPA 16 CFR Part 1700.20 certified as well as listed in the applicable DMF.

Our innovative design approaches not only make the packaging child-resistant but can also improve the look and feel of the brand increasing market appeal. A child-resistant functional custom packaging design can help to improve product differentiation and brand recognition for your product.

Primary packaging for liquids

Sanner has a long history of developing primary packaging systems for a wide range of pharmaceutical product types including solids and liquids.


We develop and manufacture a range of dropper caps as well as single-dose primary packaging for liquid medicines. Sanner knows the requirements of liquid pharmaceutical products and provides complete development and manufacturing services for custom liquid packaging.



Plastic processing expertise for your custom pipette concept

Sanner has been a leading manufacturer of injection molded liquid pipettes in our clean room facilities for decades. Our well-established expertise, state-of-the-art quality systems, risk management practices and GMP compliant manufacturing capacity all contribute to Sanner’s earned reputation for high-quality and safety throughout the logistics chain.   Our ongoing process optimization efforts, in-house tool and design expertise means customers receive safe and robust liquid product packaging from Sanner, every time.

  • Matched to the secondary packaging
  • Individual pipettes easily detached from strip
  • Labeling areas for product printing
  • Lowest manufacturing tolerances in the manufacture of the pipettes
  • Predetermined breaking points for the dosing opening of the pipette
  • Thin-wall injection molding with exact wall thicknesses for 100% tightness after sealing
  • Fully automatic and robot-supported clean room production with minimal bioburden

Sterilization Support

Sanner not only designs and produces packaging for liquids, but we also support the development of optimized sterilization processes for them.   Our experts provide comprehensive sterilization support:


  • Batch size design according to the sterilization chamber capacity
  • Closely coordinated logistics concept
  • Development of an optimized and sustainable magazine concept

Standardized processes for easy implementation of your customized packaging solution

Our design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) approach provides our customers with improved security and accelerated safe implementation in series production. Sanner is an ideal development partner for customized packaging solutions or we can convert your design into an efficient production-ready concept.

The Sanner IDP-Process® combines many years of expertise in the field of primary packaging with experience in the design and implementation of pharmaceutical applications, combined into a holistic process.  For high-quality custom primary packaging from the technical experts in pharmaceutical packaging design and manufacturing see Sanner.   

The Sanner Advance with Agility™ program makes ideal pharmaceutical product protection simple


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