Customized Packaging for Nutraceuticals and Healthcare Products

Customized Packaging for Nutraceuticals and Healthcare Products

Despite our extensive product portfolio for nutraceutical and healthcare packaging, we offer with our team of engineers also customized solutions:

Individual packaging solutions

Dosing and Dispensing

Adjusted desiccant types and amounts

Decoration techniques

Sanner Envelope

Individual nutraceutical and probiotic packaging

Senior-friendly closures for easy-opening, special container with integrated desiccants for more product protection, dispensing solutions for better handling and much more. Our engineering teams have developed plenty of customized solutions which can be adopted to your special nutraceutical or probiotic product. You don’t have to start from new, with our expertise and CAD designs we can already discuss with you options fitting to your required nutraceutical packaging. With our prototyping options like 3D printing and additive manufactured tool inserts, we offer first samples for consumer tests.

Customized Packaging for Dosing and Dispensing

Dosing and Dispensing makes the customized packaging not only unique and more user-friendly, it also fullfills higher requirements in accuracy taking the nutraceutical or probiotics and in hygiene. Desiccants can be integrated in the customized packaging to protect your products from dissolve, change in color or smell. If you have sensitive products like sublingual plats, we will find the right customized packaging solution.

Active product protection with a customized solution

Sanner is the pioneer in desiccant packaging in Europe. This was the cornerstone of the development of our extensive product portfolio with integrated desiccants. If your product requires a specialized solution due to the active ingredients of your dietary supplement, probiotics, functional foods, vitamins & minerals, if you have special filling conditions, climate conditions in your markets or consumer behaviour, Sanner has the expertise of decades to define the right type and amount of desiccant.

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Brand recognition for your nutraceutical product

Sanner is offering HD offset printing for the desired decoration of your effervescent tablet tubes or IML technology for photorealistic printing for even more attention and value at the point of sale. By offering both decoration techniques for packaging for effervescent tablets, we offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility with different print runs. Of course, our service also includes the complete processing of print data management.

More Information on HD Offset Printing and IML-Technology

Additionally our customized solutions can be fitted with labels with integrated TE tape or with booklet labels for extra information, such as Braille, QR codes, advertising and much more. This saves secondary packaging costs.

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