Desiccant capsules

Sanner Envelope

Sanner offers a range of different desiccant capsules, which can also be clicked into a closure.
The portfolio of Sanner AdCap® desiccant capsules is exceptional. The innovative design combines the advantages of conventional capsules and containers in a single product. The AdCap® desiccant capsules ensure that moisture or odors are optimally adsorbed immediately after filling. 
Additionally, this product series is characterized by a high filling speed and high pressure stability compared to conventional canisters.
The desiccant capsules are suitable for use in all climate zones. All materials of the AdCap® desiccant capsules correspond to the relevant FDA 21 CFR and EU guidelines for food contact materials as well as the USP and Ph. Eur. AdCap® is in a Type III DMF No. 025757 listed. All of our desiccant capsules meet market standards. They are cost-effective and compatible with standard dosing systems and filling lines.

Name Desiccant amount Desiccant Diameter Heigth
AdCap 1g 0.9-1.1 g Silica Gel, molecular sieve, mixture 13.9 mm 17.6 mm
AdCap 1g SG/AC 1 g Silica Gel, activated carbon 13.95 mm 18.3 mm
AdCap 2g 1.8-2.2 g Silica Gel, molecular sieve, mixture 19.3 mm 15.8 mm
AdCap 2g SG/AC 2 g Silica Gel, activated carbon 19.4 mm 19.7 mm
AdCap 3g 3 g Silica Gel, molecular sieve 19.6 mm 24.4 mm
K-1 0.65 g Silica Gel 15.2 mm 9.8 mm
K-2 1.2 g Silica Gel 20 mm 10 mm
K-11 2.4 - 2.65 g Silica Gel 24.5 mm 17 mm
K-12 3.5 g Silica Gel 24.5 mm 17 mm
K-17 1.0 - 2.0 g Silica Gel 19.5 mm 21 mm
SK-5 4 g Silica Gel 24 mm 18.4 mm
K21 2 g Silica Gel, molecular sieve, mixture 19.1 mm 19.8 mm