Sanner Atmo Guard System®

Our service for desiccant packaging and integration. 

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Are you looking for moisture and odor adsorption, desiccant bags or desiccant packs, silica desiccant sorbents integrated in your pharmaceutical packaging?

Atmo Guard is a Sanner Service to get your product right protected.

You have invested a lot of time in research and development to create a perfect product. This is why it deserves only the best packaging solution. But how to get there successfully?

  • What kind of desiccant primary packaging do you need when launching a new product?
  • How can you combine cost-effectivness in pharma packaging with smooth processes?
  • How to achieve maximum risk mitigation and safety?
  • Which factors must be taken into account to achieve the required shelf-life?


The Sanner Atmo Guard System® provides the answers.


When launching a new product, you must undergo the offical approval procedure

We want you to feel save about your primary desiccant packaging passing the tests and achieving the required shelf-life. Therefore you require a partner who takes care that your process is shortened while testing real packaging data and selecting the right solutions like desiccant bags, desiccant packs or integrated sorbents.

This is exactly why we have established Sanner Atmo Guard System®:

for a safe, timely and cost-effective market launch of your products.

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® is based on five distinct points. They guarantee that you receive exactly the desiccant packaging solution your product requires. Without any additional efforts for you.

Smooth process integration

We ensure a smooth integration into your processes thanks to our extensive project management know-how and standardized methods. 

No matter at which point you wish to integrate us. It’s you who sets the pace!

Ideal atmosphere

We design the ideal atmosphere in a packaging because we take into account all moisture ingress factors that influence your active ingredients. All key moisture ingress factors have to be considered to maintain a defined climate corridor within your package. 

Only by taking this factors into account, we can offer you the ideal solution.

Risk mitigation

We test real packaging data to define the required desiccant, because projections with general data might target misleading results. A real packaging has for example a different wall thickness at different positions as well as the interaction of bottle and closure is always important, so ideally you take them from one source. 

We are primary desiccant packaging experts, risk mitigation is our top priority. 


Your economic success is crucial, so we take as much desiccant as needed, as little as possible. By taking into account the right parameters we will find the most economic packaging. 

Our engineers focus on the ideal interaction of product, desiccant, packaging tightness and desiccant mix.

Successful projects

We take a holistic approach to drug packaging – from material type and wall thickness, manufacturing related impacts, handling in the filling process and different climate conditions through to consumer behavior. Our process has been tried and tested many times. 

Sanner is known for high quality, desiccant expertise and ensures safe measuring results and successful stability tests.

This is the service you receive every time you buy a pharmaceutical desiccant plastic packaging from Sanner.

As primary desiccant packaging experts, we stick to our promises. Challenge us and contact us to receive more information about the Sanner Atmo Guard System®.

Let us support you in achieving a safe, timely and cost-effective market launch of your products!