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Medical Device Assembly

With efficient Virtual Reality (VR) process development, and manual to fully automated assembly options for mechanical and electronic components, Sanner’s CDMO services offer complete scalable assembly solutions for contract customers.

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Sanner CDMO Device Assembly Solutions

  • Virtual Reality (VR) process development
  • Fully Automated Device Assembly
  • Manual & Semi-Automated Assembly
  • Multi-component & ESD Assembly
  • Computer Validation and Network for Assembly Automation Providers

Sanner CDMO VR Assembly Process Development

Our engineers and automation specialists utilize the latest technologies to accelerate and derisk the assembly development process from the earliest stages. We use Virtual Reality (VR) digital simulations to generate early learnings and support proof-of-principle studies.  These allow the device to be seamlessly scaled to industrial volumes, with shortened timelines from early development to series production. Using the latest VR technologies, Sanner is able to save the customer time in configuring the production process. Sanner’s VR driven approach can help achieve more efficient assembly processes that eliminate uncertainties and derisk the device assembly process early on. The use of VR tools also allows us to design device assembly workplaces that consider workforce ergonomics from the very outset of development.

Fully Automated Device Assembly

With decades of medical device assembly experience, we can handle everything from manual device assembly to fully scaled automated assembly. To manufacture and assemble drug delivery, diagnostic or medtech devices at scale, having access to fully automated assembly technologies, supported by the industry’s leading automation partners can make the assembly process more consistent and efficient. Sanner’s CDMO service professionals always think ahead to an industrialized assembly process that is a fully optimized solution for their CDMO customers.

Manual & Semi-Automated Assembly

Some medical devices are specialized niche products that are not produced in large numbers. Sanner develops efficient assembly processes for smaller products or pilot series, whether they are assembled by fully manual or semi-automated assembly systems with in-line quality testing. Our objective is always to find the right balance between assembly process investment and labor costs, while ensuring the selected approach produces only high-quality and compliant devices. Sanner is highly experienced in selecting the optimal assembly processes for each customer’s unique requirements.

Multi-component and ESD assembly

Many of today’s medical devices are composed of numerous individual components that must be precisely assembled in order to provide reliable performance. Sanner can develop and implement efficient multi-component assembly processes for some of the most complex medical devices, for example a Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) with nearly 20 injection molded and purchased components .  We use the latest software, like Exact Planning and VR options, to plan, develop and implement optimized assembly solutions for the many medical devices we create. At Sanner, we also have advanced assembly options like Electro-Static Discharge assembly workplaces for assembly of mechatronic parts. All these high-tech assembly tools and capacities are available to Sanner’s customers, contributing to the high-precision and quality of their multi-component medical devices.

Computer Validation and Network of Assembly Automation Providers

Using highly sophisticated digital systems in the manufacturing and assembly of devices in regulated industries, requires special expertise in the validation of computer systems. Sanner’s CDMO group brings years of experience in computer system validation that meets regulatory requirements for pharma, medtech and diagnostic applications, including GAMP5 methodology. Sanner has been working with the world’s leading experts in automation of manufacturing and assembly operations, resulting is strong relationships available to support CDMO customers.  We work with many leading-edge companies and can engage the optimal partner for each unique customer product assembly need.

Sanner CDMO Assembly Services

Sanner has the capacity and capability to develop and implement virtually every assembly process from the simple to complex. We can even add digital device features that fulfill today’s connectivity requirements. With specialized electro-static discharge (ESD) manufacturing and assembly capabilities, Sanner’s CDMO services can deliver optimized assembly solutions for virtually any device medical, medtech, or diagnostic CDMO customer requirement.

More information about our VR assembly projects available here

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