The Sanner BioBase approach

For the future. Naturally.

We offer a unique multi purpose biobased tube that combines an extended shelf-life with a significantly improved barrier – and best of all, it comes with unsurpassed environmental benefits.

Sanner Envelope

Bioplastics for sustainable packaging

Plastics are considered bioplastics if they are either bio-based or biodegradable. The raw material for bio-based packaging is biomass, which is obtained from e.g. corn, sugar cane or cellulose.

When using sugar cane, the ethanol it contains is converted into "green ethylene". The subsequent polymerisation creates bio-PE. This conserves fossil resources and reduces the carbon footprint of all packaging.

Reach your environmental targets for rigid effervescent packaging


  • Replace:

Use more sustainable materials where it is.* Material from renewable resources leads to greater independence from fossil fuels.


  • Reduce:

 CO2e emissions* Plant based material absorbs COduring the growth phase 


  • Recycle:

 Reach highest possible Recyclability*  The fewer different components a package has, the more ideal for recycling.


* Sanner BioBase® supports this target!


Did we wake your interest?

Sanner BioBase®

The sound choice

Reach your environmental targets: 

Reach highest possible Recyclability with >90% renewable raw materials and less COimpact thanks to absorption during growth of plants and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

Protect your product: 

30-40% higher shelf life compared to the PP Tube and only 3-4 times higher WVTR than in aluminium tubes.

Strengthen your brand: 

Classified as vegan and up to 40% increased water vapor barrier properties give longer shelf life. User-friendly due to easier opening and a high-quality feel. Processing properties are the same as conventional packaging and they are printable or IML labelled.



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