Desiccant closures and glass bottles

Sanner Envelope

The special desiccant closures from Sanner are combined with glass bottles from leading European manufacturers of pharmaceutical glass packaging to form a complete packaging system.

The integrated moisture absorbers ensure that your products are optimally protected. Almost all closures are offered in two versions, with and without bellows. A range of screw caps for glass bottles rounds off the portfolio.

Screw cap 28 mm
Screw cap with desiccant & tamper-evident function
Food & Pharma registration

Technical features:

Sealing diameter Closure
29.6 mm
Desiccant amount
1.2 g
Silica Gel
Tamper-evident function

Materials and construction:

white; other colors on request

Production sites:


Further suitable for:

Glas bottles 20-30 ml, thread PP28S DIN 6094
All dimensions are approximate. For actual measurements please ask for the technical data sheet. All information given here do not release the customer from proving the suitability for his intended use.