Desiccant Pharma Packaging

With decades of production experience in injection molding, we supply plastic primary packaging for solid pharmaceuticals and single-dose primary packaging for liquid medicines. Sanner stands for an optimal fit of container and closure, protection against moisture and odors, the highest quality and overall compliance with regulatory requirements.

Sanner Envelope
  • Risk minimization through decades of production expertise for pharmaceuticals
  • Precision injection molding, integration of desiccants and optimal product protection
  • Design and engineering experts for the ideal market-compliant product design
  • Service, stability and security from an established and globally active company

Risk minimization through decades of production expertise for drugpackaging and drop-in solutions

All production processes at Sanner, whether in the clean room or in the gray room, are designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This not only includes GMP-compliant and ISO-certified production and 100% traceability, but also standardized FMEA processes, single batch delivery. Automated and process-accompanying quality controls (IPC) and controlled change controls.

The high quality of our medical packaging is reflected in a low complaint rate of 0.3/10 million parts. In addition, our medication packaging corresponds to current market standards and meets all regulatory requirements of the American FDA and the European Pharmacopoeia and is listed in the corresponding DMFs.

Precision injection molding of your medical packaging and optimal product protection

The special feature of Sanner medical packaging is therefore the ideal fit of container and closure solutions. As a result, less moisture penetrates your packaging and guarantees maximum product protection and improves the shelf life of your product.

The expertise in injection molding, paired with our more than 65 years of experience in the design and integration of desiccants, is the ideal combination for your medical packaging and gives you security when commercializing your product.


Service, stability and security from an established and globally active company

Our service standards within the Sanner Group are particularly high. From the development of simple packaging for medicines to production and logistics, we process every customer request with the same high level of commitment and solution orientation.

Several production sites worldwide with almost the same layout enable an optimal back-up strategy and reduce the risk of failure. An established company with a long-term strategic orientation and long-standing supplier relationships worldwide makes Sanner the ideal partner for the production of plastic drug packaging and single-dose packaging.

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® for ideal product protection

Moisture penetrating the packaging can cause tablets, coated tablets and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely, lose their color or effectiveness or develop undesirable odors. The integration of desiccants into pharmaceutical primary plastic packaging prevents these problems and ensures product safety from the first to the last tablet.

We have bundled our decades of know-how and the well-known Sanner quality in a comprehensive service, the Sanner Atmo Guard System®, and determine the ideal amount and type of desiccant for you depending on the content of the packaged product, your filling conditions and the climate zone in your sales market .

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Design and engineering experts for the ideal product design of packaging for pharmaceuticals

An optimized packaging design through a design for manufacturing right from the start not only increases the usability and improves the assembly of the plastic packaging, but also enables a quick and optimal commercialization of your medical packaging or your drop-in solution.

In addition to our Atmo Guard System®, there is an established and defined stage-gate process, the Sanner IDP Process®, which transparently shows you the current status of the development of your packaging and thus clearly minimizes the risk.

This applies both to the area of contract manufacturing and to the development of customer-specific solutions in the area of active pharmaceutical primary packaging and single-dose packaging for liquids.

Idea – Design – Product


The Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and made-to-order production.

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