Closures for effervescent tablet tubes

Sanner has set market standards with the world-famous DASG and DOSG desiccant closures for effervescent tablet tubes. An unmistakable quality and recognizable by the original Sanner 5-finger engraving and undercuts in the closure.

Sanner Envelope
  • Closures with integrated desiccant perfectly tailored to your effervescent tablet tube
  • Quality and safety in all climate zones and areas of application worldwide
  • Consumer-friendly and best-ager closures for effervescent products
  • Packaging for effervescent tablets from a single source

Closures for effervescent tubes with integrated desiccant

Moisture penetrating the packaging can cause effervescent tablets to dissolve prematurely and lose their effectiveness and/or colour. Integrated desiccants in the closure for effervescent tablet tubes prevent this problem and ensure product safety from the first till the last tablet. The Sanner effervescent tablet packaging is designed in such way that it is as tight as possible and therefore little moisture penetrates the packaging. This in turn is adsorbed by the integrated desiccant in our effervescent tablet closures.

Our expertise in desiccant dosing and integration ensures that your product achieves the desired shelf life. Whether silica gel or molecular sieve or a mixture, we will find the ideal solution for your product and your sales market. We would be happy to inform you about the common leak tests.

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Giving your customers security with Sanner closures for effervescent tablets

The Sanner manipulation- and guarantee securitylock: Locking cams, which are designed in such a way that the guarantee bars break visibly in the event of an unauthorized first opening, in contrast to other commercially available products, give your customers the good feeling that the packaging has never been opened.

The sophisticated geometry with clear and sharp contours ensures that Sanner desiccant closures for effervescent tubes can be optimally processed in high-speed systems, give a valuable appearance and form the ideal transport protection for your effervescent tablets.

Consumer-friendly and best-ager closures for effervescent products

FOG 27 – the desiccant closure for best-agers - open 3 times as fast - 70% less force.
The FOG 27 Flip Top closure is a very user-friendly closure for tubes, especially for effervescent tablets.

  • Easy and intuitive to open and reseal single-handed
  • First opening of the desiccant seal in only a third of the time
  • Significantly less effort required when opening for the first time
  • Outstanding tightness, integrated desiccant and clearly visible guarantee band
  • Suitable for all dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products

Generation 60 plus confirms: "The closure can be opened easily, quickly and painlessly." 90% would buy the effervescent tablets again simply because of the better packaging. Strengthen customer loyalty with a small change and ensure more success for your product. Tell the story of your effervescent tablets new!

Our whitepaper: Packaging for best-agers at the Sanner Academy



The Sanner FlipTop closure FOG 27 convinces in the consumer test

Packaging for effervescent tablets from a single source

Effervescent tablet tubes and matching desiccant closures form a high quality system to protect your tablet. Ideally matched to each other, a perfect fit thanks to the Sanner hard-soft principle and the product design is ideal for high-speed filling systems, you can be sure of good processability and ideal product protection.

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