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Sanner Group: Securing Health with Precision

Medical packaging and device development is a cornerstone in ensuring healthcare products’ safety, integrity, and efficacy. Adhering to stringent regulatory standards, packaging materials and designs are meticulously developed to uphold these fundamental qualities. Stepping into this pivotal role are Medical Packaging and Development Solution Providers, specialized entities dedicated to tailoring solutions to the unique demands of the medical and healthcare sectors.

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Medical packaging and device development is a cornerstone in ensuring healthcare products’ safety, integrity, and efficacy. Adhering to stringent regulatory standards, packaging materials and designs are meticulously developed to uphold these fundamental qualities. Stepping into this pivotal role are Medical Packaging and Development Solution Providers, specialized entities dedicated to tailoring solutions to the unique demands of the medical and healthcare sectors.

Leading this specialized field is Sanner Group, an esteemed organization renowned for its proficiency in desiccant closures and effervescent tablet packaging. With a rich legacy of innovation and industry experience, Sanner Group is steadfast in its commitment to delivering solutions that uphold the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Founded in Bensheim, Germany, in 1894, Sanner Group has developed to a global leader in cutting-edge packaging solutions tailored for the medical and healthcare industries. Evolving from its origins, the organization has expanded its scope to provide customized solutions across medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and consumer healthcare.

Sanner Group has embraced a resolute commitment to sustainability, seamlessly integrating it into its core corporate strategy. Under the leadership of Christian Classen, the Chief Sales Officer, Sanner Group focused on the pharmaceutical and medical sector, and is manufacturing pre-filled syringes, inhalers, pipettes, and customized drug delivery devices as well as packaging solutions. At the heart of this evolution lies Sanner Group’s unparalleled expertise in moisture management within packaging, strengthening product integrity and efficacy.

A significant milestone in Sanner Group’s journey is the acquisition of Springboard Pro, a strategic move poised to boost its ventures in medical device innovation. Serving as the ‘Design Center of Excellence,’ Springboard Pro, under the guidance of Tom OakleyVice President of Design and Development, brings forth a wealth of expertise spanning end-to-end device development, physics, materials science, mechanical, electronics and human factors engineering, software and more.

This exclusive feature offers a glimpse into Sanner Group’s transformative journey, showcasing its rise to prominence as an institution of excellence in medical packaging solutions.

Agile Approach to Pharmaceutical Packaging

Sanner GmbH boasts a robust reputation in healthcare and nutraceutical packaging, anchored on quality, service, and delivery flexibility. They distinguish themselves by offering sustainable packaging solutions crafted from renewable resources.

In pharmaceutical packaging, Sanner Group’s ‘Advance with Agility’ approach ensures drug stability through a three-step process, facilitating faster development, packaging changes, and time-to-market. By leveraging stability modeling services, rapid package design or selection, and turnkey commercial packaging guidance, clients can save up to 12 months of product development time, expediting market entry and revenue generation.

For medical device development, Sanner GmbH partners with Springboard, a consultancy specializing in guiding concepts to manufacturing implementation. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of engineering, scientific, and forensic capabilities, Springboard delivers end-to-end solutions from pre- to post-product launch. Their expertise spans diverse medical devices and equipment, offering fast, cost-effective regulated development and delivering valuable intellectual property for clients.

Moreover, as a next-generation device Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), Sanner Group strengthens its capabilities with cutting-edge prototyping, mold conceptualization, and Design for Manufacturing & Assembly, all upheld by the highest quality standards.

Expertise in Medical Packaging Solutions

Sanner GmbH stands out as a leading expert in medical device solutions, excelling in three key areas:

  1. Springboard Pro-Design Center of Excellence

Through Springboard Pro, Sanner GmbH houses a Design Center of Excellence for device and packaging development. This comprehensive facility offers end-to-end device development, encompassing disciplines such as physics, materials science, mechanical and electronics engineering, software development, human factors engineering, and industrial design. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of device development is carefully addressed, resulting in innovative and effective solutions.

  1. Innovative Project Realization Methods

Sanner Group has pioneered new methods for executing customer projects efficiently. The Sanner Idea-Design-Product Process® represents a flexible and agile stage-gate development process, facilitated by a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System integrated with a project management tool. This system meticulously documents every development step and defines milestones agreed upon by all involved parties. It serves as a single platform for partner collaboration and documentation storage. Additionally, Sanner GmbH offers five different prototyping methods, including additively manufactured, fully functional mold inserts, and utilizes virtual reality simulation to ensure a robust and efficient Design for Assembly process.

  1. Advanced Moisture Management Solutions

Sanner Group stands as the sole CDMO offering advanced moisture management solutions for devices. This specialization underscores their commitment to addressing critical challenges in device performance and longevity.

Christian’s Journey—Navigating the Dynamics of the Plastics Industry

Throughout his three-decade tenure in the plastics industry, Christian has traversed a diverse landscape, accumulating invaluable experiences across both medium-sized enterprises and publicly listed corporations. These varied environments have equipped him with a rich spectrum of insights, instrumental in shaping his professional trajectory.

Commencing his career in sales at a medium-sized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in Germany, specializing in miniature fittings and connectors crafted from special plastics, Christian later transitioned to the globally renowned Swiss Georg Fischer Corporation. Here, he assumed international responsibility for product management, overseeing fluoropolymer piping systems catering to clients in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical sectors. This role cultivated his adeptness in navigating international dynamics, encouraging cross-regional collaboration, and leveraging synergies within diverse teams.

In 2005, Christian was heading the establishment of a Medical CDMO division. Despite his background in industrial management and economics, he tackled technical challenges, such as setting up medical clean room production facilities and securing ISO 13485 certification, while delving into strategic business development.

Subsequent roles included serving as a member of the management team at Riwisa, a Swiss medium-sized company, where he headed sales and marketing initiatives across medical, industrial, and consumer divisions. Here, he successfully devised and executed a transformative marketing strategy, expanding market share in the diagnostics segment and venturing into the domain of drug delivery devices.

Christian’s journey continued with a pivotal position at Nolato in Sweden, where he led strategic business development efforts in Central Europe, contributing to the company’s expansion into the drug delivery devices sector.

In his final four years before joining Sanner Group, Christian held the role of Director of Sales & Marketing Europe at Phillips Medisize, an American company. Here, he focused on driving strategic growth initiatives with European clientele, leveraging the company’s global development and manufacturing capabilities. His tenure was marked by promoting team development and driving substantial growth.

Reflecting on his career trajectory, Christian emphasizes the profound impact of transitioning between medium-sized and listed enterprises, as well as his exposure to diverse corporate cultures spanning German, Swiss, Swedish, and American companies. These experiences have not only enriched his understanding of varied working methodologies but also deepened his appreciation for cultural diversity within the industry.

Leading with Purpose

Upon joining Sanner GmbH in October 2022, Christian’s foremost priority was acquainting himself with the sales, marketing, and product management teams, understanding each member’s background and unique strengths to harness their collective potential. “Over the last years, I have learned that it is important to utilize different perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and skills to leverage the power of diversity. I strongly believe that success as a leader is based on transformation, self-actualization, knowledge sharing and respect,” emphasizes Christian.

Central to this philosophy is teamwork, wherein the entire team unites behind a shared vision, leveraging individual expertise and supporting one another to attain common objectives. In September 2023, Christian had the pleasure of orchestrating an international sales meeting, reuniting the entire Sanner Group’s sales, marketing, and product management teams after a four-year break due to Covid-related travel restrictions. Beyond addressing routine agenda items, the gathering served as a platform for cross-regional knowledge exchange and mutual learning, facilitated by dedicated time slots for discussions and team-building activities.

Passion serves as another cornerstone of Christian’s leadership philosophy. “As a leader, I try to share my passion for the transformation that is currently taking place at Sanner with my team and encourage them to contribute and actively shape it,” affirms Christian. Ultimately, effective communication is an important part of his leadership approach. Particularly amidst significant change, Christian emphasizes the importance of engaging employees in the transformation process, explaining what and why behind the changes. Through these concerted efforts, Christian has cultivated a positive approach and shared commitment within the team, laying a solid foundation for achieving the ambitious goals ahead.

Tom’s Mission in Medical Device Development

The journey of medical device development is both fulfilling and technically demanding, driven by the desire to positively impact lives globally. For Tom, this aspiration crystallized into the founding of a specialized company dedicated to the development of medical devices and combination products. “Therefore, it had always been my intention to establish a company specializing in the development of medical devices and combination products,” recalls Tom.

Established in 2013, Springboard experienced organic growth, growing into a team of 30 experts by 2023. The company’s success is rooted in its recognition of the multifaceted nature of modern medical device development. From pioneering science to precise engineering and nuanced user insights, a diverse skill set is imperative. Springboard strategically recruits top talent from varied backgrounds to construct multi-disciplinary teams capable of tackling complex challenges.

Tom underscores their leadership philosophy, emphasizing the importance of assembling and motivating individuals possessing the right skills and attitude. “Our approach to leadership is to gather and inspire people with the right talent and attitude, have robust and credible plans, and to give them the tools and environment to thrive in the work that they do,” Tom asserts.

Central to Springboard’s operational strategy is effective communication, serving as the key element for project execution. Collaborating closely with colleagues at Sanner Group’s manufacturing sites worldwide, Springboard ensures the delivery of high-quality, safety-critical designs.

Driving Innovation in MedTech

In the dynamic landscape of MedTech, Sanner Group stands at the forefront of innovation, with a keen focus on several key areas:

– Next-Generation Drug Delivery Devices: Sanner Group is dedicated to developing drug delivery devices that can administer medications with complex stability, viscosity, or volume characteristics, all while prioritizing user-friendliness and minimizing environmental impact.

– Biotechnology Advancements: The growing field of biotechnology necessitates continuous innovation in equipment for the production and analysis of biological materials. Sanner Group actively engages in developing cutting-edge solutions tailored for applications such as cell and gene therapy and diagnostics.

– Enhanced Surgical Tools and Consumables: Sanner Group recognizes the need for innovation in surgical tools and consumables, striving to deliver products that excel in quality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

– Innovative Moisture Management: Acknowledged as a global leader in moisture management solutions, Sanner Group addresses the critical need for innovative approaches in preserving the integrity of drugs and diagnostics.

Strategic Expansion in MedTech Industry

The partnership with GHO Capital, renowned as Europe’s premier healthcare specialist investor, marks a pivotal milestone in driving Sanner Group towards global prominence in the MedTech sector. With a focused agenda, this collaboration aims to transform Sanner Group into a preeminent MedTech CDMO, amplifying manufacturing capabilities across Europe and Asia, and paving the way for transatlantic expansion into the US market.

A significant stride on this path is the recent acquisition of Springboard Pro, a distinguished entity specializing in designing and developing medical devices for regulated markets. This strategic move not only enhances Sanner Group’s in-house medical device development competence but also marks the establishment of a cutting-edge Design Center of Excellence in the UK.

In line with this trajectory, Sanner Group inaugurated its second state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kunshan, China, last autumn, strengthening production capacity in the Asia-Pacific region. Simultaneously, in Bensheim, Germany, construction is underway for a groundbreaking production facility and innovative development center, tailored to meet sustainability objectives while offering clients with additional capacity to support projects across Central Europe.

Supported by expansions in Asia and Europe, the focus now shifts towards North America. Aligned with market growth aspirations and customer demands, Sanner Group is poised to acquire a development and production facility in the United States. This strategic move aims to streamline supply chains, enabling efficient delivery of high-quality Sanner products and CDMO services to US clientele.

The successful execution of these strategic imperatives within a condensed timeframe underscores the indispensable role played by GHO Capital. Leveraging its extensive experience and network, GHO has been instrumental in realizing these ambitious initiatives, positioning Sanner Group as an unstoppable force in the global MedTech landscape.

Championing Health Protection

Sanner Group’s commitment to ‘Protecting Health’ serves as its guiding principle. This slogan encapsulates the core value of the company.

The development and production endeavors of Sanner Group are directed towards developing medical device components and active primary healthcare packaging that prioritize superior usability, patient adherence, and sustainability through innovative solutions.

Drawing strength from robust internal and external collaborations, Sanner GmbH emerges as a trusted international partner renowned for its dedication to delivering the highest quality products and leveraging extensive experience. In doing so, the company plays a vital role in safeguarding the health and well-being of individuals worldwide.

Sanner Group’s Commitment to Sustainability

The Sanner Group adopts a comprehensive approach to safeguarding both people and natural resources in alignment with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) guidelines.

At the heart of Sanner Group’s ESG initiatives are the following major goals:

  • CO2 reduction at all production sites
  • Increased use of sustainable energy supplies
  • Increased recyclability of its products
  • Promotion of equality in the company
  • Providing the framework of governance

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