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Desiccant bags are the cost-effective solution to upgrade your medication packaging to a complete desiccant system and ensure the stability of your medication. Sanner - your specialist for effective product protection with desiccant sachets in pharmaceutical primary packaging or diagnostics and medical devices.

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Sanner AdPack®  - Cost-efficient, flat and soft

Sanner desiccant packets are designed for optimal protection of moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Desiccant bags are also used to protect diagnostic products and medical devices from moisture. Thanks to the flat and compact design of the desiccant packets, they take up very little space inside the packaging.

Sanner AdPack® desiccant sachets from Sanner

Our desiccant pouches have a shape that prevents potential confusion with capsules and tablets and prevents accidental ingestion. They comply with the relevant FDA 21 CFR and EU guidelines for food compliance as well as USP <661.1> and <670>. In addition, AdCap® is listed in a Type III DMF by the FDA.

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Excellent handling, low risk of migration with Sanner desiccant packets

  • Production with a lap seal which is flat without any layers sticking out 
  • No overlapping seam which risks to get stuck in the line during filling and no dust get stuck underneath the seal
  • Very good processing on existing filling lines
  • The desiccant bags are compatible with standard dosing systems and filling lines
  • Sanner AdPack® is highly permeable and provides excellent moisture absorption
  • Sanner desiccant sachets are available as individual bags or on spools (on reel)
  • Sanner AdPack® on reel enables very good and clean separation during filling thanks to the punched hole between the desiccant sachets. Filling tests showed a more reliable separation compared to optical markings, which allows a clean cut to be achieved during the filling process

Active product protection with Sanner AdPack® desiccant bags made of Tyvek

Tyvek® consists of millions of microfibers. These are connected to form a kind of mesh that allows water vapor to penetrate through the natural pores in the mesh structure. Once water vapor penetrates the sachet, it is adsorbed by the silica gel or molecular sieve.

  • Sanner AdPack® desiccant bags are made of durable, tear-resistant Tyvek® material
  • The desiccant sachets are therefore almost puncture-proof
  • The risk of leakage or product contamination during the filling process is extremely low
  • Tyvek® as a 100% HDPE, dust and fiber free material is an excellent combination of durability and breathability

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Sanner - your specialist for effective product protection with desiccant sachets in pharmaceutical primary packaging or diagnostics and medical devices

All production processes at Sanner are designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This includes not only GMP-compliant and ISO-certified production and 100% traceability, but also standardized FMEA processes, single batch delivery, automated & in-process quality controls (IPC) and controlled change controls.

The high quality of our pharmaceutical primary packaging is reflected in a low complaint rate of 0.3/10 million parts.

In addition, our pharmaceutical drop-in solutions comply with current market standards and meet all regulatory requirements.

Sanner has also been an expert in the filling and integration of desiccants for decades. Our desiccant sachets turn your pharmaceutical plastic packaging into an effective system for moisture regulation and thus product protection.

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