Sanner – Next Generation Device Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) 

Sanner is a leading supplier of primary packaging and medical devices that applies its innovation driven expertise to design, develop and manufacture custom injection molded components, devices and packaging technologies as a CDMO.

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Sanner Medical Device CDMO Profile

  • >600 global employees.
  • State-of-the-art international manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia.
  • Established responsive mid-sized CDMO.
  • Reliable with commitment to excellence.
  • Offer the experience, technology, and capabilities of a major player.
  • Leading global pharma, biotech, medical device, and nutraceutical customers.

Sanner Medical CDMO  - Customer Focus

As a service provider that designs and manufactures components and devices for others, it pays to focus on the customer’s needs. We act as device CDMO partner, in a highly regulated and quality driven industry, we turn innovative ideas into reality. At Sanner, we understand that as a medical CDMO our role is to bring our technology, capacity and most importantly, device and packaging expertise to every customer project. Our objective is always to help de-risk the development process with strong science applied with engineering intelligence that rapidly advances the development process to an efficient manufacturing stage. We build manufacturability and quality into customer designs from their inception, ensuring that they last throughout the entire product lifecycle.  Sanner offers the agility of a mid-sized Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, offering industry leading innovation and technology in prototyping, automated production and efficient assembly.

Efficient Development and Launch

Sanner takes your custom idea through our flexible development process (Sanner IDP-Process®) with a team of experienced medical device CDMO design experts.  We use the latest digital design processes, combined with decades of tooling know-how, to optimize customer device designs and tool layouts that deliver manufacturability at scale. At Sanner, our device CDMO services can rapidly prototype your device or device components and design automation and assembly concepts that stand up to the rigors of process qualification and validation. As early as the concepting phase, our experienced engineers start to think about incorporating practical manufacturability and assembly concepts into the device designs. This streamlines later device development and avoids costly project rework. Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. From automated in-process controls and meeting the tightest manufacturing specifications, we design quality into our customer’s products. And we do all of this while applying our proven risk management approach and industry leading regulatory support and services. Our objective, as a medical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), is to efficiently design and manufacture quality medical device solutions for customers. 

High Technology Injection Molded Device Components

Sanner has been manufacturing precision injection molded components or assembled devices for decades. We have continued to invest in the most modern and compliant technologies so that we stay at the forefront of the industry. With ISO Class 7 & 8 clean room production suites, and fully electric thermoplastic injection molding for a range of materials, our molding designs are manufacturing ready. With Virtual Reality (VR) technology for early assembly process development, we conduct our development and scale up with real world applicability. From small scale hand assembly, to commercial scale fully automated mechatronic assembly processes, Sanner CDMO services can deliver. Our international network of quality driven manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia means we can produce a secure supply of customer injection molded components and devices for customers located around the globe.

Sanner CDMO Service

Sanner’s Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) business is based on service. We provide our global customer base with our design, development, manufacturing, and quality expertise as a professional services company.  Sanner is the only device CDMO that can combine its unique desiccant integration expertise with decades of device injection molding know-how. Ultimately, Sanner’s CDMO services are driven by the long-term success and satisfaction of our customers.  Our priority is delivering all the quality and innovation they’ve come to expect from Sanner devices and packaging, in your custom products, when and where you need them most.


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