Device Applications

Sanner offers its device Contract Manufacturing and Development Organization (CDMO) services to three main segments of the medical industry for Drug Delivery, Diagnostics and Medtech device applications.

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Sanner’s CDMO Business Serves the Medical Device Industry

  • Drug Delivery Devices
  • Drug Delivery Device Quality
  • Diagnostic Products
  • Medtech Devices

Drug Delivery Devices with Sanner CDMO Services

Sanner’s CDMO services can design, develop and manufacture a wide range of drug delivery devices to meet today’s pharmaceutical requirements. Drug delivery devices require appropriate materials selection and high precision components, in order to deliver reliable and high-quality devices that contribute to improved health outcomes for the patients that rely on them. Sanner produced drug delivery devices are used to treat a wide range of conditions from vaccinations, to pulmonary conditions such as COPD or asthma.  As many drug delivery devices are in direct contact with the product formulation device, their design, materials selection and quality can be critical to maintaining the integrity of the pharmaceutical product. Sanner operates in compliance with the pharmaceutical industry’s regulations, and support customers to navigate through the regulatory complexities of drug-device combination products. Sanner brings has extensive experience with a range of drug delivery devices including:the following drug delivery devices:

  • Pre-filled Syringes (PFS) & Accessories
  • Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs)
  • Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)
  • Nebulizers
  • Autoinjectors
  • On-body injectors

Drug Delivery Device Quality at Sanner

As many drug delivery devices are in direct contact with the product formulation device, their design must consider the additional factors of drug device interactions and regulatory compliance considerations. Materials selection and high-quality device can contribute significantly to maintaining the integrity of the pharmaceutical product. Sanner delivers quality drug delivery devices as evidenced by receiving only 0.3 complaints per 10 million injection molded parts delivered. Sanner operates in compliance with the pharmaceutical industry’s regulations , and provides comprehensive regulatory support to CDMO customers to navigate as they navigate through the regulatory complexities of drug-device combination products.

We manufacture to GMP, U.S. FDA and EU MDR-compliant standards and are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15378. With a history of manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical primary packaging systems, from bottles and tubes to complex pre-filled syringes and autoinjectors, Sanner is an ideal partner for contract development and industrialization of your next drug delivery device.

Diagnostic Products with Sanner CDMO Services

Sanner has a well-established history of manufacturing a range of diagnostic devices, consisting of hard plastic components and consumables for diagnostic applications.  Our point-of-care rapid test systems have been used for a range of diagnostic testing applications including tests for heart attacks, SARS-CoV-2 and urine analysis. Sanner supplies plastic tubes and desiccant closures designed for in-vitro diagnostic applications such as packaging test strips for blood glucose measurement. As a diagnostic device CDMO, we can also develop and manufacture components for blood tests (HbA1c), cassette systems for modular blood analysis systems, as well as laboratory diagnostic consumables. Sanner manufactures diagnostic devices and components for customers in its modern GMP-compliant production sites in Europe and Asia in accordance with DIN ISO 13485 and series production standards. 

Medtech Devices with Sanner CDMO Services

Medtech devices are part of a broad category of technologies that are used to prevent, diagnose, treat, or monitor human health. From the simple to complex we manufacture medtech devices with 100% traceability, under GMP, U.S. FDA and EU MDR compliance in our modern facilities that are also ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 15378 certified. Sanner brings its significant experience in designing Medtech devices that can deliver solid dosage form prescription medicines, from granules to tablets, meeting precise dosing requirements. We can manufacture and assemble smart devices that integrate digitally connected components that enhance the patient experience, in our ISO class 7 and 8 cleanrooms. Dispensers and connectors are examples of medtech devices Sanner can produce for CDMO customers, with everything from clinical to home treatment applications. Sanner’s Medtech CDMO services are always designed with the patient in mind. We build patient adherence, and ease of use features, into many of the Medtech products we design, making them easier for patients themselves or clinical staff to use.

Sanner CDMO Service

Sanner offers industry leading contract development and manufacturing services to drug delivery, diagnostics and medtech companies around the world. Our track record of high-quality precision injection molding capabilities is fully supported by comprehensive device design, developmentdevelopment, and manufacturing services. This means Sanner can reliably deliver high-quality medical devices or components to its CDMO customers. We use leading edge technology and tools to optimize and accelerate their design and development while using utilizing modern and efficient manufacturing capabilities to scale your product to to meet market demand.