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Desiccant caps and aluminum tubes

Sanner Envelope

We offer suitable desiccant closures for aluminum tubes of various diameters and with neck finishes such as flat rim and rolled edge.
These are compatible with aluminum tubes from leading manufacturers and make your packaging practically airtight, lightproof and breakproof and are particularly suitable for highly moisture-sensitive products such as probiotics. We would also be happy to recommend the ideal product combination.

Desiccant closure with tamper-evident function
Food & Pharma registration

Technical features:

Sealing diameter Closure
37.3 mm
Desiccant amount
2.0 - 3.6 / 6.5 g
Silica Gel, molecular sieve
Tamper-evident function

Production sites:


Materials and construction:

white; other colors on request

Further suitable for:

Aluminum tubes with flat rim, length 69-137 mm, diameter 37 mm
All dimensions are approximate. For actual measurements please ask for the technical data sheet. All information given here do not release the customer from proving the suitability for his intended use.