Desiccant sachets

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The Sanner desiccant sachets AdPack® are the cost-effective solution for upgrading your medication packaging to a complete desiccant system. AdPack® desiccant sachets are designed for the optimal protection of moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals over their entire shelf life. Thanks to the flat and compact design of the desiccant sachets, they take up little space inside the packaging.
Sanner AdPack® desiccant sachets are made of durable, tear-resistant Tyvek® material, which makes the sachet almost puncture-proof. The risk of leakage or product contamination during the filling process is extremely low.
The Sanner desiccant sachets are manufactured with a lap seal which is flat without any layers sticking out. This enables very good processability on existing filling lines. They are available as a single pack or on-reel. In addition, our AdPack® products comply with the relevant FDA 21 CFR and EU guidelines for food contact materials and the relevant chapters of the USP / Ph. Eur. for pharmaceutical packaging and are listed in a Type III DMF (No. 031075).

AdPack 0,5g
desiccant sachet
FDA & EU regulations, listed Type III Drug Master File
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Technical features:

Desiccant amount
0.5 g
Silica Gel, molecular sieve
16 mm
42 mm

Materials and construction:

Fit(s) for
Kunststoffbehälter, Glasbehälter, Medizintechnikprodukte
Single, on-reel
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