Effervescent tablet packaging

Sanner Envelope

Sanner is a pioneer and market leader in the field of effervescent tablet packaging and offers its customers the broadest portfolio worldwide. The classics DASG-1 and DOSG-1 alone, only the original with the 5-finger branding on the closure, have been tried and tested billions of times.
Packaging systems from Sanner are characterized by their accuracy of fit and therefore tightness. The integrated desiccant ensures the ideal climate in the packaging and guarantees the shelf life of your products. Sanner tubes and closures can be processed excellently on all conventional filling systems. We offer HD offset printing or IML technology as a decoration process.
In particular, Sanner offers contemporary solutions with the FOG-27 flip top closure that can be opened by one hand and is senior-friendly, as well as with the new Sanner BioBase® collection, which consists of> 90% renewable raw materials.
All Sanner effervescent tablet packaging meets the regulatory requirements of the food and / or pharmaceutical industry.

Desiccant closure
Food & Pharma registration

Technical features:

Pill size
18 - 20 mm
Sealing diameter Closure
21.5 mm
Desiccant amount
1.4 g
Silica Gel

Materials and construction:

white; other colors on request

Production sites:


Matching components:

Name Type Pill size Length
R 259 W Tube 18 - 20 mm 70 mm
R 545 W Tube 18 - 20 mm 80 mm
R 257 W Tube 18 - 20 mm 87 mm
R 208 W Tube 18 - 20 mm 105.3 mm
R 258 W Tube 18 - 20 mm 107.7 mm
All dimensions are approximate. For actual measurements please ask for the technical data sheet. All information given here do not release the customer from proving the suitability for his intended use.