Single dose primary packaging for liquids - pipettes

We have been dealing with the dosing of medicines, whether liquid or solid, for many years. An example of single-dose primary packaging for liquid medicines are pipettes.

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The production of pipettes has been part of our clean room production for decades. Especially for particularly complex projects, such as resealable pipettes, our engineering team will work with you to develop the right solution in accordance with your requirements.

Our sales specialists will be happy to give examples on project implementations: 

Engineered Product Solutions

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Plastic processing expertise for your pipette concept

Well-founded technology expertise, state-of-the-art quality and risk management, and GMP-compliant manufacturing ensure maximum product safety along the entire production and logistics chain. Thanks to ongoing process optimization and in-house tool and design expertise, you receive safe and reliable packaging for your eye care products.

  • Matched to the secondary packaging
  • Easy detachability of the individual pipette
  • Labeling areas for printing
  • Lowest manufacturing tolerances in the manufacture of the pipettes
  • Predetermined breaking points for the dosing opening of the pipette
  • Thin-wall injection molding with exact wall thicknesses for 100% tightness after sealing
  • Fully automatic and robot-supported clean room production with minimal germ load (bioburden)

Sterilization concepts for your pipette

We not only deal with the design and production of your pipettes, but also support you in the development of an optimal sterilization concept:

  • Batch size design according to the sterilization chamber
  • Closely coordinated logistics concept
  • Development of an optimal and sustainable magazine concept

Standardized processes for optimal implementation of your pipette

Our design for manufacturing gives you security and requires faster and safer implementation in series production. Sanner is a competent development partner for your pipette bars or converts your design into an efficient production concept.

The Sanner IDP-Process® combines many years of expertise in the field of primary packaging with experience in the design and implementation of pharmaceutical uses and applications in a holistic process - for your technically high-quality primary packaging from the specialist.

Idea – Design – Product


The Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and made-to-order production.

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